4 ways to use LoyaltyLion’s Connector for Shopify Flow to maximise the lifetime value of customers acquired during peak retail periods

It may seem like a distant memory now that Halloween has come and gone, but cast your minds back to May 2018, when Shopify announced their new feature – Connectors for Shopify Flow.

Connectors allow apps to build triggers and actions that start and end automated workflows in Flow. With the ability to connect different apps using thousands of combinations of triggers, conditions and actions, Shopify Plus merchants can experiment and innovate, delivering truly personalised experiences while saving hours of time.

With Black Friday Cyber Monday fast approaching, we’re all looking for ways to maximise the lifetime value of new customers acquired during the peak retail period. Here are four ways that you could use LoyaltyLion’s Connector for Shopify Flow to secure next year’s repeat purchases, more efficiently:

  • Convert holiday season shoppers into customers
  • Reactivate “at-risk” customers
  • Reward customer engagement and reviews
  • Take a more personal approach


Convert holiday season shoppers into customers

One big holiday headache we often hear merchants talking about is the number of shoppers who checkout as guests, failing to create an account. During the peak trading period this number will only increase. Encouraging guests to become members is key to engaging them and encouraging them to repeat purchase at a later date.

Set up a trigger and action combination that ensures any customer making a purchase as a guest receives an email telling them there are points waiting for them if they create an account. You might also want to award additional bonus points for those who return and create an account as a result.

This will help you convert guest shoppers into customers that you can keep in touch with once the holiday season is over.

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Reactivate “at-risk” customers

It costs five times as much to acquire a new customer as it does to retain an existing one. The holiday season will likely bring you a large number of new customers, however, if they don’t purchase again within an expected time frame (which will vary according to your store), then they will soon become “at-risk” and inevitably churn.

Set up a trigger that ensures every customer that moves to ‘at risk’ in LoyaltyLion is automatically awarded 500 points, and sent an email communicating those points. Emails can be sent via LoyaltyLion or an ESP, and you’ll be able to see how many of your ‘at risk’ customers have made a purchase as a result.

This will help you surprise and delight customers, increasing customer retention and driving the next purchase.


Reward customer engagement and reviews

Customers are just as reliant on recommendations and word of mouth during the holiday season as they are at other times of year. Customer advocacy and reviews are therefore never more important than during a peak trading period, when merchants need to find other avenues than price for differentiation.

Set up a trigger that ensures each time a customer leaves a review using a LoyaltyLion third party integration, they are rewarded over and above the points they are expecting – for example given bonus points, or moved up a tier in your loyalty program. You might also set up an action that ensures customers receive an onsite notification asking them to refer a friend, harnessing the positive sentiments of those who have already acted as advocates.

This will help you to engage customers between purchases, and provide powerful brand advocacy which could power sales both during and after the holiday period.


Take a more personal approach

The increase in traffic driven by the holiday period impacts every area of your business, but none more so than your customer support team. There will undoubtedly be more questions, and unfortunately there may well be more complaints. This time of year should be seen as an opportunity to demonstrate to customers that you care about delivering the best possible experiences – not just during the peak trading period but on an ongoing basis.

Set up triggers to automatically create tickets within helpdesk tools such as Gorgias, each time there is a reason to get in touch with customers. For example, creating a ticket on a customer’s birthday reminding a representative to get in touch and wish them many happy returns. You might also set triggers that create tickets when a customer becomes “at-risk” or moves down a tier, so that a representative can get in touch and help bring them back up.

This will help you build longer-term relationships, demonstrating to customers that you see them as a valued individual customer, rather than as just another number in a database.


If you’d like to find out more about increasing the lifetime value of customers acquired during the holiday period while simultaneously saving time and maximising efficiency, get more information on connectors for Shopify Flow.


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