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Trusted by thousands of fast-growth ecommerce merchants worldwide, LoyaltyLion is designed to grow with your store. Our pricing is based on your monthly order numbers, so you never end up paying for members that don't use your customer loyalty program.

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$ 399
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  • Monthly orders included 4000
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$ 1,500
per month
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  • Monthly orders included 10000
  • Scales as your business grows
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Frequently asked questions

How does LoyaltyLion’s pricing work?

Our pricing is calculated according to the average number of orders your store processes each month. This means you can easily scale your loyalty program as you grow your store.

What happens if I exceed the monthly order volume included on my plan?

Additional orders can be added to your plan in advance if you know you have a big product launch or a sale coming soon. Or, if you exceed the monthly order volume for your plan on a regular basis, we’ll give you a call to discuss whether or not you’re on the most suitable plan for your store.

Does LoyaltyLion support businesses with high order volumes?

Yes – LoyaltyLion has been built to ensure that your loyalty program can scale alongside your store as your order volumes grow. We’ve proven our ability to support leading fast-growth retailers around the world, including brands such as Ancient Nutrition, Waterdrop and Pacifica Beauty to name a few.

What platforms does LoyaltyLion support?

LoyaltyLion natively integrates with leading ecommerce platforms including Shopify, Shopify Plus, Magento and BigCommerce. We also integrate effectively with other platforms – such as WooCommerce – and custom-built stores via our advanced API.

How does LoyaltyLion support omnichannel stores?

LoyaltyLion works with Shopify POS and can integrate with other POS platforms via our API, helping you to build seamless, omnichannel shopping journeys. Offer your loyal customers the same experiences regardless of whether they are shopping online or in-store.

How can I prove that LoyaltyLion is delivering value to my store?

LoyaltyLion delivers the most sophisticated loyalty insights and analytics, directly to your dashboard. From retention, referral and ROI data, to insights into which customer segments are most valuable to your store. LoyaltyLion is the only loyalty platform to offer A/B testing so you can be sure you’re driving the best possible results from your loyalty and retention activities.

How can I get started?

You can get started straight away! Book a time for one of our team to chat through the platform in more detail, or create a free account today. You can also migrate from another loyalty provider quickly and easily – after you finish setting up your LoyaltyLion account we’ll help you to import your existing customer information.

How does LoyaltyLion support me on an ongoing basis?

We live and breathe loyalty with absolutely no distractions. From online chat support for free plans, to dedicated onboarding and account managers for our larger plans, we are always on-hand to help you get more from your program.

Can I trial LoyaltyLion before committing to a plan?

Your Loyalty Consultant can advise you on different ways to test LoyaltyLion’s functionality when you request a demo.

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