LoyaltyLion’s connector for Shopify Flow

Use LoyaltyLion's connector for Shopify Flow to automate loyalty workflows and experiment with
unique combinations of triggers and actions

Shopify Plus Merchants can use LoyaltyLion’s connector to:

Save hours of time

Set up automated workflows in minutes, with no need for code or a developer to implement

Experiment and innovate

Test unique combinations of triggers and actions and see what delivers the best ROI

Personalize experiences

Use triggers based on customer behaviors to deliver personalized communications

How does LoyaltyLion’s connector work?

Use Flow’s visual workflow builder
to automate tasks:

  1. Start a workflow from an event in LoyaltyLion
  2. Set conditions that determine if a workflow should run
  3. End the workflow with by actioning a task in LoyaltyLion or via one of our third party integrations

Find out more about the triggers and actions that can be implemented with LoyaltyLion’s connector. Find out more

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“We’re thrilled to have LoyaltyLion on board as one of our first partners to build a connector – they’ve really shown the countless possibilities and ideas they enable. With LoyaltyLion’s extensive triggers and actions, their customers are able to build creative workflows across tools they use every day.”

Katie Cerar, Product Manager of Shopify Flow