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Personalize like never before with zero-party data

Leverage your loyalty program to capture insights directly from your customers – like preferences, desires, and intentions, to tailor uniquely personalized communications.

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What is zero-party data?

Zero-party data is the data that customers willingly share with you, and captures details like their preferences, interests, and future intentions. This valuable information is directly collected using methods like surveys, polls, and direct communication.

Use your loyalty program to collect zero-party data

Your loyalty program is the most effective way to collect zero-party data. Exchange loyalty points for data and offer a more tailored experience to your customers based on their responses.

Empower customers to share their preferences

Use our SDK and your developers to craft fun activities so your customers can share their information in return for rewards.

  • Use quizzes to collect personal data, like skin type or body fit, to optimize product recommendations.
  • Complete your profile (or your pet’s profile) to collect birthday data and other relevant information.
  • Use surveys to turn opinions into new products that you know your customers will love.
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Listen to your customers and start delivering real value

Before you collect zero-party data, create a strategy to segment your data so you can use it to deliver hyper-relevant communications on auto-pilot.

  • Map out how you’ll use zero-party data to segment your customers
  • Boost conversion and channel performance with segmented, personalized email and SMS journeys

How brands are using zero-party data to win

Ready to use zero-party data with loyalty?

Our loyalty experts are on hand to craft a winning personalization strategy with zero-party data to boost engagement and conversions.

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