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Looking for loyalty data you can trust? Look no further

Our loyalty dashboards are designed to answer one all-important question. What value is my loyalty program driving for my Shopify store?

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See loyalty data differently with LoyaltyLion

As a loyalty-led platform, we know how important it is for you to be able to attribute revenue to your program. Plus, you need to be able to understand what’s working and what’s not so that you can optimize your program and double down where you’re seeing success.

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An attributable $ amount

Truly understand the value of your loyalty investment by tracking how much revenue is flowing through your loyalty program as a whole, as well as through individual loyalty components such as emails or notifications.

Crack the CLV question

Understand the expected value a single shopper will generate throughout their lifetime with you, as well as LTV trends across segments. Use this data to make sensible decisions around segmentation, acquisition and discounts.

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Understand buying behaviors

Keep track of annual loyalty insights to understand and compare the behaviors of different loyalty segments . Use this information to ensure you are running the most impactful loyalty strategy.

See your most valuable shoppers

Compare loyalty data across different customer segments. Use the results of your redeeming members to prove the value of your loyalty program over time.

Grow your business with LoyaltyLion

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