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Rainy City Agency is a Shopify and Shopify Plus agency specializing in bespoke customizations to grow and scale fast-growing businesses. Founded in 2017, its singular focus is to accelerate your conversion rates and sales.

The agency combines brand experience, commercial know-how and cutting-edge engineering to create websites that drive growth in brands and businesses and challenge the status-quo.

Trusted by merchants worldwide

You’ll regularly find the agency taking to the stage, speaking at industry events and celebrating thier client’s successes.
The agency's consultative approach keeps clients informed, up to date and ahead of your competition at all times
Extensive experience working with over 500 other brand owners from startups to large international brands

Ben Garelick

Rainy City Agency teamed up with Ben Garelick to launch a complete overhaul of their website – creating an enhanced retail experience that was clean, modern, and fresh.

Rainy City Agency provided custom theme design with full user XP optimization, customized jewelry builder, responsive development with rapid deployment and migration of more than 20, 000 users.

Read the full case study here.

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Baraka Shea Butter

Baraka Shea Butter teamed up with Rainy City Agency to develop an updated design for the online store on Shopify. Rainy City Agency utilized landing pages to help split the content out, along with tabs to create a better visitor experience.

The results? Since launching, revenue has increased 98%, AOV 16% and CR 21%.

Read the full case study here

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