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Astrid & Miyu: 40% increase in total revenue after boosting member enrollment and engagement

signups in a nine month period
more purchases from redeeming program members
increase in total revenue


Astrid & Miyu knew their loyalty program was their most powerful asset when it came to turning one-off shoppers into repeat customers. Their priority was to:

1) drive more program signups
2) reward members at the right time to incentivize future purchases

Ultimately, they wanted to improve their repeat purchase rates by driving more loyal behaviors. This is exactly what they achieved with LoyaltyLion:

  • Over 50k signups in a nine month period
  • Redeeming loyalty program members are 6x more likely to make a second purchase
  • A 40% increase in total revenue



Astrid & Miyu’s goal was to drive up loyalty program enrollment and engagement. They tackled this head-on by revisiting their tiered rewards system so that it would drive repeat purchases all year round, not just during peak sales periods. They introduced four new tiers with exciting perks that would incentivize their customers to keep coming back.

They also wanted to increase average order values (AOV). Revamping their tiered program to incorporate both transactional and experiential rewards, they inspired members to return and spend more in order to reach the higher tiers. Their highest tier members – Gold – have an AOV of £91, while their Rose Gold counterparts (two tiers below) have an AOV of £75. (Note how these new tiers are aptly named to align with their jewelry-loving audience!)

Astrid & Miyu loyalty program and tier benefits

Astrid & Miyu understand that customers come back if they feel valued.

Experiences are more memorable than discounts, so they shifted away from traditional promotions and launched more experiential rewards such as early access to sales and sneak previews of their new collections.

They also launched a jewelry recycling program ‘Astrid & Renew’, where members can earn 1000 points for recycling their old jewelry – even if it comes from another brand; a more memorable way for members to earn points they’ll return to redeem.

Finally, to ensure they always have a steady flow of new loyalty program members, Astrid & Miyu utilized the LoyaltyLion refer a friend feature. By rewarding both referrer and referee when the new shopper converts, they incentivize the new member to make a first purchase, and reduce time to purchase for the existing member.



Revamping their loyalty program allowed Astrid & Miyu to enroll far more one-off shoppers into their program. In turn, this gave them many new shoppers they could convert into repeat customers, increasing their lifetime value over time.

  • 50,013 new member sign-ups within 9 months
  • Redeeming loyalty program members now purchase 220% more per year than non-members
  • Redeeming loyalty program members are 6 times more likely to repeat purchase than non-members
  • The Astrid & You program has driven a 40% increase in total revenue as a result of the changes
Our new reinvigorated approach has been extremely successful from a member enrollment perspective. It is helping us to draw in new customers, but its purpose goes way beyond that. With a combination of transactional and experiential rewards we don’t just secure a second purchase, but we inspire members to keep coming back for more and increase their lifetime value while doing so.
Astrid & Miyu