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Co-marketing with LoyaltyLion

Our mission is to help make marketers and their loyalty programs more successful.
We’re always on the lookout for opportunities to work with our agency and technology partners to create useful content, engaging events and much more to achieve that goal.

Keep reading to explore more ways we can work together.

Creating co-marketing content with LoyaltyLion

Content is the cornerstone of LoyaltyLion’s approach to marketing, and we’re always searching for opportunities to work with our partners to create more.

We can work with you on:

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Sharing with and via LoyaltyLion

We want to provide our social followers with the best content and updates. We’re always happy to promote our partners’ content on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and would love for you to do the same.

We’re on the hunt for:

  • Great content from our partners that we can like and share with our own audiences
  • Opportunities to be a part of our partners’ social media schedules
  • The chance to expand our audiences via Facebook pixels, shared audiences and more

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Producing webinars with LoyaltyLion

We believe that webinars are a great way of engaging customers and generating leads. We can work with your systems as guests, or use our own to host.

We’re always on the lookout for:

  • Partners who would like to co-host webinars on topics that align with customer loyalty
  • Opportunities to speak as guests or sponsors on ecommerce-focused webinars
  • Guest speakers for our Ecommerce Espresso webinar series

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Running events with LoyaltyLion

We love nothing more than being in the same room as both our customers and partners. Events provide us with a great way of having face-to-face conversations.

We’re always on the lookout for:

  • Opportunities to co-host or sponsor meetups – both for merchants and for partners
  • Speaking opportunities at ecommerce industry events
  • The chance to get involved in virtual summits and online conferences

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Integrations with LoyaltyLion

We exist to help merchants compete in the age of Amazon. Part of that, is helping them get access to the best possible technology stack. That’s why we’re focused on building integrations with amazing technology partners.

We’re always on the lookout for:

  • Opportunities to build integrations with other ecommerce technology providers
  • Partners who want to build integrations into us using our open API
  • Opportunities to market integrations via email, special offers, webinars, case studies and more

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Integrations with LoyaltyLion

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