Choosing a strategic loyalty partner

LoyaltyLion exists to help fast-growth merchants succeed in the world's most competitive industry, where it's hard to differentiate on just price and logistics. We free you from the mundane so you can focus on creative, high impact activities.

Choosing a loyalty partner is a big decision. Our mission is to make you and your loyalty program more successful, and that starts right now, even as you’re doing your research. Keep reading to answer your questions about LoyaltyLion.

Is it easy to build and customise a native LoyaltyLion program?

You’ve worked hard to create a brand that your customers love. We want you to be able to create a loyalty program as unique and special as that brand, without always having to enlist third party or developer support

  • Use out of the box colour and language options, or our CSS theme editor to completely customise your program
  • Create an integrated loyalty program directly within your store’s code, with no need for a panel, iframe or pop-up.
  • Embed loyalty components on product or post-purchase pages.


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Native Program

What support and advice will I receive from LoyaltyLion?

Our mission is to make you and your loyalty program successful. As a business we are entirely focused on loyalty, with no distractions.

  • Our support team covers both US and EU time zones, and are on-hand to help stores on all plans via on-site chat and email
  • Larger stores also benefit from a dedicated point of contact and ongoing specialist loyalty advice. This includes on-boarding and scheduled quarterly program review calls
  • LoyaltyLion is backed by industry leading entrepreneurs who bring decades of experience in loyalty, ecommerce and CRM

Support And Advice

LoyaltyLion is the most innovative loyalty platform on the market. Using your individual store data we provide insights and recommendations, allowing you to segment customers by loyal behaviours, A/B test different scenarios and learn where to focus in order to positively impact customer behaviour and ROI. We were the first to reward more than just purchases, offer loyalty emails and support Shopify POS among many other firsts. Our development team continues to work full time to bring you the best loyalty innovations.

How do I incorporate personal referrals into my loyalty program?

Referred customers are four times more likely to purchase than customers acquired by other means. This makes advocacy a key part of any loyalty strategy.

  • Customers are provided with a unique personal link, and rewarded each time a successful referral is made using that link
  • Referrals can be sent via Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, email or WhatsApp
  • Referral emails can be fully customised within LoyaltyLion, or referral campaigns can be run via integrated ESPs


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Personal Referrals

How do I run loyalty promotions across specific product or customer segments?

Customers who redeem points and use rewards spend 2.5 x as much as non-members, and 1.5 x  as much as members who don’t use rewards. Keeping customers engaged is key.

  • Segment customers according to whether they are loyal, at-risk or in need of winning back and run targeted promotions at a product level, or based on customer behaviour
  • Offer bonus points for specific products or collections, or offer rewards in the form of vouchers that give a percentage discount off specific collections



LoyaltyLion works with thousands of fast-growth ecommerce merchants worldwide

How do I use tiers to create a VIP loyalty program?

Over 50% of your revenue comes from the top 20% of your loyal customers. Your loyalty program needs to recognise those customers and ensure they feel valued.

  • Create up to four tiers, with qualification criteria defined by your own unique parameters including points or customer spend
  • Assign each tier its own set of activity rules, and change the value of points awarded for different actions
  • Add experiential rewards such as free shipping or early access to products or tiers


See an example of VIP tiers

Loyalty Tiers

How do I send loyalty emails via LoyaltyLion or my ESP?

88% of consumers feel they receive too many emails from retail brands. However loyalty emails typically see open rates of 35% due to their personalisation.

  • Standard emails within LoyaltyLion (e.g. reward available reminders, points expiry emails etc) are fully customisable without a developer
  • LoyaltyLion integrates with multiple ESPs. Integrations push as many as 10 fields into your ESP, are easy to implement and do not require technical support
  • Track email analytics within your loyalty dashboard including store visits generated, rewards claimed and revenue generated via loyalty emails


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How do I see a snapshot of my loyalty program performance?

LoyaltyLion is a data-driven business, and we are doing everything in our power to help marketers make their loyalty programs more successful.

  • Analytics are built into our platform dashboard with no need to plug in a third party application
  • Our date picker allows you to analyse program performance over time
  • Our Notifications feature allows you to communicate on-site with shoppers during key moments in their buying journey
  • Our customer value snapshot allows you to compare the value of members vs non-members at a glance

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