Omnichannel loyalty program connecting one online store with 12 physical locations

100% PURE case study


reduction in loyal customer churn


higher purchase frequency for members who use rewards


additional revenue from referrals via LoyaltyLion

Using LoyaltyLion, 100% PURE run one connected loyalty program across their 12 Shopify POS stores and one online Shopify Plus store. Members earn points for eight different activities including leaving reviews, following on Instagram and referring their friends. They redeem these points for rewards such as free shipping, early access to products and exclusive access to product previews. 100% PURE are also using loyalty tiers to segment customers so their most loyal customers have access to exclusive rewards.


100% PURE approached LoyaltyLion because they wanted an omnichannel loyalty program that worked seamlessly across mobile, desktop and their physical stores.

100% PURE uses Shopify Plus for their online stores and Shopify POS for their 12 physical stores. All Shopify POS accounts are separate, meaning there is no way to tell if the same customers is purchasing in multiple locations. This is a huge challenge for a loyalty program since the customer expects to earn and redeem points in all locations.


LoyaltyLion has a feature known as ‘multi-link’, which connects multiple Shopify POS accounts. The feature looks for a unique identifier across the separate Shopify POS accounts and uses this to create one view of the customer. Using this feature 100% PURE have benefitted from the following:

  1. One loyalty program across 12 Shopify POS locations and one Shopify Plus store
  2. All shopper purchases are recorded in the same place regardless of whether they are purchased online or in any of their physical stores
  3. Store assistants can now find any shopper account, no matter where the account was created, by using the LoyaltyLion shopper search feature

Encourage account creation

100% PURE have built a beautifully designed landing page to explain the benefits of the loyalty program and to encourage customers to enrol.

Customers who join their loyalty program spend 72% more than non-members.

Omnichannel loyalty program

100% PURE implemented LoyaltyLion across their 12 physical stores and one online store. Shoppers can now earn and redeem points at all of these locations. Store assistants can quickly look up any loyalty program member and apply a loyalty reward at checkout.

Acquire new customers

LoyaltyLion includes advanced refer a friend software. 100% PURE do not leave referrals on all the time, instead they have chosen to use this feature for limited time periods to generate excitement around it. 100% PURE run email marketing campaigns each time referrals are possible. This approach has been highly successful for them generating over $244,000 in 18 months.

100% PURE are using loyalty tiers to motivate and retain customers.

Customers are encouraged to increase their spend to gain access to a new tier and increased benefits. Tiers also help retain their most loyal customers by giving them exclusive benefits.

92% of loyalty program members went onto purchase 5 times after their 4th.