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Your Black Friday checklist 2022

Design the ultimate BFCM customer experience

As we’ve highlighted in our initial Black Friday Cyber Monday (BFCM) research, BFCM 2022 is going to be big. Not quite ready for it yet? Don’t worry, we’re here to help you get prepared.

How long should you run BFCM promotions? 

What was once a short-lived one-day event has turned into a month-long affair of high-intensity price wars and relentless discounts both online and in-person. But the truth is, your consumers don’t like it. 

In fact, your BFCM sale should last no longer than a week. 41% of consumers say they want sales to run for 1-6 days, while 23% say they would prefer sales to last for just the BFCM weekend. 

And those long Black Friday sales that last over a month? Steer clear of them – just 1% of shoppers think that these are a good idea! 

How should you communicate BFCM promotions? 

65% of consumers want to hear about your sales via email, and 69% will be more likely to buy if they get personalized promotions or offers. Make your messaging as tailored as possible and use existing customer data to make product recommendations based on previous buying behavior. 

Alex McPeak, Content Strategist at Klaviyo, advises identifying your VIP customer ahead of time to make the biggest impact with ecommerce personalization: “Identify your VIP customers prior to Black Friday—you can base this off of attributes such as number of placed orders, order recency, or customer lifetime value. Once you create this segment in Klaviyo, create exclusive experiences around the holiday season, such as early access to your sale, a sneak peek of the new collection you plan to promote, or an extra perk like free shipping or a gift with purchase.”

And why not take personalization one step further by applying it to your packaging this Black Friday? Haneya Zuberi, Head of Partnerships at Arka says, “One of the best things you can do to drive your sales and create customer loyalty during BFCM is to use personalized packaging. Personalized packaging is a great way to capture your customers’ attention and leave a lasting impression. Creating a personalized unpacking moment will encourage customers to form an emotional connection with your brand, making them more likely to return and repeat purchase.”

What kind of incentives do people want this BFCM?

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that people like discounts. And we’re not here to dispute that! People still want discounts (76%), but what’s interesting is that they want alternative incentives even more…

  • 76% of consumers have said that early access to sales would make them more likely to buy something this BFCM. 
  • 77% say free gifts with items would make them purchase, making this more of an incentive than discounts
  • 82% say free or discounted shipping would make them more likely to purchase! 

The takeaway here is that shoppers value free or discounted shipping above all else

David Renwick, Content Marketing Lead at Starshipit highlights the importance of treating shipping as priority for your customers this BFCM: “Delivering great shipping experiences starts at checkout. Customers are 60.7% more likely to make a purchase if they can see delivery times in their shopping carts.

This peak season, implement a multi-courier strategy enabling you to display transit times and different delivery options (same-day, express and on-demand) at checkout, giving the power of choice back to your customers.”

What should your returns policies look like this BFCM?

Returns have been high on the news agenda of late, but when it comes to sending back their sale purchases, consumers are ultimately looking for clarity this Black Friday. 70% of shoppers say that clear instructions regarding returns would positively impact the likelihood of them making a purchase.

50% of consumers said that getting their return items collected would influence them to make a purchase, so if you have the ability to offer collected returns you should definitely explore this option. Use loyalty program tiers to reward your top tier members with the best returns options – like free return pick up – making it far more desirable for shoppers to carry out the actions needed to reach this level. 

Experts at Loop have seen first-hand the value of prioritizing your returns policies while preparing for black friday.

“If you think returns are a headache on a normal day, imagine during BFCM. Peak sales means peak returns, and if you’re unprepared you could miss the opportunity to retain new customers. Instead, work with a return platform like Loop to create a delightful return experience. Your customers will love you for it. And they’ll reward you by coming back to shop again and again – even well after your BFCM sales are over.” Nicole Walker, Partner Marketing Manager at Loop.

Do charitable causes make sense for BFCM? 

Yes. 62% of consumers are more likely to purchase from a brand that aligns with their values this BFCM, so brands should prioritize communicating the positive things they’re doing to help certain charities or causes. 

Ben Astin, Director of Partnerships at ShoppingGives has seen just how much brands can benefit from this: “Brands who give back have seen an increase in average order value of up to 23%. To stand out against the competition and drive more sales for BFCM, your brand can align your values with a charitable cause to support on purchases this holiday season. By donating 1% on every purchase, you can create more engaging and meaningful customer experiences that increase customer loyalty and retention over time.”

Should you prioritize loyalty this BFCM? 

YES! Your customers want to act as advocates for you this Black Friday. 

Your customers want to act as advocates for you this Black Friday

There is a brilliant opportunity to convert seasonal shoppers into long-term customers, but timing will play a huge part in your success or failure here. 41% of your shoppers are most likely to join a loyalty program within a day – so get this messaging out straight away! 


Consumers are looking forward to Black Friday this year, so it’s really important that you grab this opportunity with both hands and create a customer experience to remember.

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Georgie is the Content Marketing Manager at LoyaltyLion. Georgie has spent most of her 6+ years marketing in B2B companies, and has developed a huge passion for bringing B2B voices alive through engaging copy and memorable storytelling.

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