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Spotlight: AccorHotels loyalty program

In this blog, we will look at the following about AccorHotels’ loyalty program:

  • How the program works
  • What you get for becoming a member
  • What we like about the program


How the program works

Through the AccorHotels loyalty program, you’re able to earn points by doing a number of different things.

screen-shot-2017-02-12-at-11-53-35AccorHotels tries to provide multiple ways for its members to both earn and spend their loyalty points.

For example, you can earn points by booking to stay at one of the hotels who participate in their program.

When you actually reach the hotel in question, you’ll earn points whilst you’re there too. The number of points you can earn at any given hotel varies dependent on a number of factors. More on that later.


AccorHotels tries to reward their customers at every opportunity. You can earn points from taking expenses during your stay, like breakfast, mini bar, spa treatments or using the phone.

AccorHotels understand that these extras cost money. They also understand that their customers are often going to want use these paid extras and to say an extra thank-you, they reward you for doing so with points. screen-shot-2017-02-12-at-11-54-42

Not only that but AccorHotels have tried to partner up with as many companies as possible so that you’re rewarded for the whole time you’re away. For example, if you’re travelling and you use the partnered railway, you’ll earn points. If you’re travelling and you shop at one of their partnered shops, you’ll earn points.

This is a great way for Accor to give back to their customers and widen their reach.


What you get for becoming a member

When you become a member of AccorHotels loyalty program, as we stated before, you collect points for doing certain activities.

You can then use those points to give you money off your stay and other cool incentives.


Not only do they offer 40% off your stay, but you can use your points to get fast-checkout, upgrade your room or even have a free night in the hotel you’re staying in.


What we like about the program

What we love about AccorHotels loyalty program is the transparency. Yes, they admit and explicitly say that the number of points you can earn will be dependent on various factors.

But they don’t let their customers go in blind. They feature a ‘points calculator’ on their website that shows the user exactly how many points they’ll earn from their stay.



AccorHotels tries hard to make each of their loyalty members feel special. They don’t just reward money spent at their own hotels, but with their partners too.

They consistently find new and innovative ways to rewards its customers.

They provide their customers with enough variation they have multiple ways to earn points and multiple ways to redeem points, meaning that everyone can benefit from being part of the loyalty program.

They really understand the needs of their customers and try to do everything in their power so that the entirety of your trip is as pleasant as they can make it.

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