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LoyaltyLion & Shopify Checkout extensibility: checkout customization 101

Shopify has been helping ecommerce businesses to provide dependable, top-performing checkout experiences for years. While Shopify Checkout has set the benchmark for online checkout processes through its fast and streamlined approach, there was one feature that consistently proved challenging; customization. 

Customizing Shopify Checkout was historically an arduous process – it was very challenging for companies to personalize the checkout experience to match their specific requirements. Brands had to request access to their checkout.liquid theme file and directly edit the code, but because checkout.liquid didn’t provide direct APIs for making changes, this often led to poor experiences for customers. Developers would frequently need to perform upgrades in order to access features without breaking any customizations, so the whole process became long and costly! 

What is Shopify Checkout extensibility? 

Shopify Checkout extensibility is a new and improved solution that allows ecommerce merchants to customize their checkout experience!

With Shopify Checkout extensibility, brands on Shopify Plus can go beyond the standard features and tailor the checkout experience to align with their branding, customer preferences, and unique business requirements. Stores can achieve bespoke customizations using a collection of components and APIs, leading to high conversion rates and increased customer satisfaction.

How does the new Shopify Checkout extensibility improve the customer loyalty offering? 

Here are some of our favorite capabilities that are now available to Shopify Plus merchants thanks to Shopify Checkout extensibility: 

  • Stores can now easily customize the branding and functionality of their checkout experience 
  • Shopify Plus stores will have the freedom to drag and drop components anywhere within the checkout flow 
  • It’s now possible for brands to add a reward as an Express checkout option for customers
  • The new extensibility can hold more than a single app provided by LoyaltyLion, so brands can have multiple components to support the desired customer experience
  • There will be further customizations down the line for order status and thank you pages, which will help to drive engagement and enrollment 

To learn more about what Shopify Checkout extensibility will mean for you, watch our video. 

Why is it important to integrate your loyalty program into your checkout experience? 

But what does the checkout experience have to do with customer loyalty?’ we hear you ask! Well, with 76% of loyal customers stating that a satisfying checkout experience influences their decisions on whether to purchase again, it’s clearly an important part of the process. 

By integrating your loyalty program into your checkout experience, you’re streamlining the process for your customers and creating a fast, convenient and positive experience which will encourage repeat purchases in the future. 

You’re also encouraging program usage by displaying points and rewards to your customers at the point of checkout. If your shoppers can see the rewards available to them then they are much more likely to actually redeem them! Something as simple as creating this kind of visibility can greatly impact your reward redemption. 

Ultimately, by providing a higher-quality checkout experience, you’re building positive relationships with your customers and encouraging them to come back to your store and purchase again. 

Want to learn the best way to retain your customers for longer? Download our Ultimate Guide to Loyalty on Shopify Plus!

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Georgie Walsh

Georgie is the Content Marketing Manager at LoyaltyLion. Georgie has spent most of her 6+ years marketing in B2B companies, and has developed a huge passion for bringing B2B voices alive through engaging copy and memorable storytelling.

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