Infographic: The Black Friday barometer – Shopper sentiment unveiled

Once upon a time, Black Friday saw shoppers climbing over one another in the aisles to get the best deals. Today, it’s a more sophisticated affair, with consumers patiently waiting to go online and bag a bargain. BFCM may have changed, but have consumer attitudes also evolved?

Unequivocally, yes. Although BFCM may still be a golden opportunity to acquire new shoppers, it can leave your existing customers feeling undervalued, underappreciated and deprioritized.

Once a feel-good Friday of deals, BFCM is now a month-long event that customers do not altogether trust. Yes there are some good bargains out there, but a worrying proportion of shoppers feel that the discounts aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. Read our infographic below to see how shoppers really feel about BFCM. Or, check out The new discounting playbook to learn the alternative incentives shoppers will engage with over the peak.

The New Discounting Playbook Infographic

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