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How to drive loyalty with sustainable commerce

LoyaltyLion presents: The Sustainability Series

Our five-part sustainability webinar series explore conscious consumerism in ecommerce. In each episode we talk with a guest partner about how offering your customers the sustainable shopping experience will create community, inspire action and drive loyalty.

Sustainable commerce is on the rise. 65% of global consumers are making belief-driven purchases. Instead of impulse-buying, customers are taking the time to research the ethical impact of their shopping. From sustainability to animal and human rights, consumer self-education is having an important effect on shopping behavior.

What does this mean for you? To drive loyalty, you need to connect with your customers by aligning your brand with their personal values.

To help you, we’ve teamed up with six of our partners and invited them to share their expertise on mastering conscious consumerism. See the lineup below:

Our host Jack Johnson, Senior Technology Partnerships Manager at LoyaltyLion, dives into what your customers care about and what changes you can make to align your brand values with theirs.

1. LoyaltyLion x Shopify

In our first episode of The Sustainability Series, discover how Shopify helps its merchants to become more sustainable.

Giselle Waters, Content Marketing Manager at Shopify, also shares her top tips on how merchants can build sustainability into their existing brand narrative.

2. LoyaltyLion x Ecocart

Jake Chatt, Head of Marketing at EcoCart, and Jack Johnson discuss:

  • How to avoid greenwashing
  • Why your “Sustainability Story” is vital in building trust with your customers
  • How offsetting is a quick and easy way to counteract your ecological footprint – and drive brand loyalty

3. LoyaltyLion x Verdn

Chris Mjelde, Co-founder and CEO of Verdn, and Jack Johnson discuss:

  • How giving customers a tangible positive impact (like planting a tree) post-purchase can create an emotional connection with your brand
  • How to select a cause or charity to support and how you can use your customer community to do this

4. LoyaltyLion x ShoppingGives

In this episode, Ben Astin, Director of Partnerships at ShoppingGives, and Jack Johnson discuss:

  • The rise of conscious consumerism – especially amongst Gen Z shoppers
  • How brands can align their values with charitable causes to form authentic connections with shoppers
  • What’s in store for the future of sustainable commerce

5. LoyaltyLion x Starshipit x Better Packaging

Our last episode of the Sustainability Series features not one but two guest speakers:

  • Mark Cooper, Sales and Partnerships Manager at Starshipit
  • Becs Percasky, Director at The Better Packaging Co.

Mark and Becs join Jack Johnson to chat about:

  • How optimizing your packaging and shipping strategy can result in a more sustainable experience for your business and your customers
  • What to consider if you’re thinking about changing your packaging and courier partners to more sustainable providers

About the author

Michelle Sarkisyan

Michelle is the Website Optimization Executive at LoyaltyLion, a data-driven loyalty and engagement platform for fast-growth ecommerce merchants. After graduating in Journalism from City, University of London, Michelle has worked as an editorial assistant, social media content contributor and freelance content writer. Michelle manages content for, making sure website visitors get the best user experience and quality content about customer loyalty and retention.

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