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Four examples of the best health and wellness loyalty programs

Are you a health and wellness brand looking to build a customer loyalty program? One that successfully retains and engages your customers?

In this blog post, we take a look at some of the best examples of health and wellness loyalty programs. We’ll explore why they’re so successful at securing long-term customer loyalty and delve into some of the best practices for launching your own.

We’ll be looking at examples from LoyaltyLion customers including:

  1. Waterdrop
  2. Rocky Mountain Oils
  3. Gym Direct
  4. Eat Bobo’s

Let’s get started.

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1. Waterdrop: Unique and on-brand

Setting your brand apart in the busy online health and wellness industry is no easy feat. Health conscious shoppers want to know they can trust the brand they’re shopping with, and are willing to shop around before committing.

A loyalty program should be a natural extension of your brand and can be used as a way to tell your brand story and communicate your values. This is particularly important when 64% of shoppers have cited that the primary reason they have a relationship with a brand is because of shared values.

Waterdrop has made use of our integrated loyalty program functionality to create a unique experience that is entirely on-brand and resonates with their customers.

The look and feel of the page complements their overall branding –  from the colours and imagery to the messaging. Meanwhile, the program clearly communicates the brand values  – simplicity and purity.



Waterdrop Integrated Page


3. Rocky Mountain Oils: Loyalty program promotion

The way you promote your loyalty program will also play a key role in its overall success. Rocky Mountain Oils have run multiple promotions that encourage customers to keep returning and engaging.

Rocky Mountain Oils’ surprise and delight campaign gifted all their loyal customers with 500 points as a thank-you for their continued custom. Once notified of the surprise in their inbox, existing customers were enticed to return to spend the points they had been given – even if they weren’t planning to already.

Rocky Mountain Oils also run time-limited promotions. For example, for one weekend only they halved the cost of rewards – instead of customers waiting to earn 500 points for a $5 voucher, customers with 250 could get the same reward.

The brand also regularly runs double point weekends where customers can get double the number of points for each of their purchases.



Rocky Mountain Oils Rewards


4. Gym Direct: Loyalty tiers

Loyalty tiers give you the opportunity to make your customers feel valued for shopping with you. With the health and wellness industry growing 12.8% in the last two years, it’s the brands that make their customers feel special that will set themselves apart from the competition.

Gym Direct have created four loyalty tiers within their program that customers can become a part of.

Once a customer has become a member of the loyalty program, they are automatically put in the “Bronze” tier. Here they earn points for purchases and social media engagements. With the help of Shopify scripts, customers automatically benefit from these perks every time they make a purchase.



Gym Direct’s tiers display clear benefits, such as points per dollar spent, bonus points and free birthday gifts. These perks increase in value the further up the tiers customers go.


These premium rewards increase the likelihood that a customer will become a member because they see immediate value. As a result, Gym Direct have benefitted from a higher customer lifetime value, reduced customer churn and an increase in revenue.

5. Eat Bobo’s: It’s all in the name

The name of your loyalty program is the first thing a customer engages with and needs to be engaging to motivate the customer to sign up.

Eat Bobo’s – the family-run oat bar company – have named their loyalty program “Bobo’s Love Mitts” and their points “Love Mitts” points. Why? Because their products are made by hand and with care.

Eat Bobo's Rewards

To add to their family-run persona, the rewards that Eat Bobo’s offer their customers are unique to their brand. They include free products as well as branded merchandise – such as oven mitts and aprons.

Free Love Mitt

This brand has successfully made the name and branding of their loyalty program coherent with their overall messaging, capturing the attention and commitment of consumers from the get go.

Now it’s your turn

We hope these examples have given you the inspiration to set up your own loyalty program for your health and wellness store.

Want to get started? Book a demo with a member of our sales team today. Or, download our free ebook, The end-to-end guide to loyalty for health and wellness brands, for more inspiration.

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