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Boody’s Shaun Greenblo talks about how to create a loyalty program that strengthens brand community and reflects brand values

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Standing at the centre of marketing, loyalty is all about forming long-lasting relationships with your customers to increase purchase frequency and lifetime value. In that sense, creating a loyalty program is one of the most effective approaches for ecommerce businesses to thrive in this impersonal world.

Boody, an Australian eco-clothing brand, is a great example of how a brand can accelerate its marketing efforts via a loyalty program. Established on the idea of “good for you and our planet”, Boody aims to re-define the essence of comfort.

Yet, as the sustainable fashion industry continues growing and more brands are entering the fray it’s getting harder to increase purchase frequency and acquisition, which we believe that every ecommerce merchant can empathise with regardless of their industry.

When Boody’s team approached LoyaltyLion, they were looking to create a fully-customised loyalty program that would reflect their unique brand philosophy and strengthen the relationship with their customers.

We spoke to Shaun Greenblo, CEO of Boody, to learn more about how they got started.

👉 Shaun, Boody CEO, says

“We have an incredibly engaged community that really aligns with our core values. We wanted to create a space where we could reward this community for their dedication to Boody, as well as welcome new customers to our brand.

Boody is all about making people feel good, whether it’s the soft feel of our fabrics or the fact that by aligning with us you can feel good you are making an ethical and sustainable choice.

We wanted this concept to be the foundation of our loyalty program, which is why we decided to call it ‘The Goodness Corner’.”

Boody - the Goodness Corner

Shaun, adds, “our main aim was to customise our loyalty program so it was on-brand”. And, they did.

Boody implemented a tiered program structure based on their key brand values: comfort and goodness. By earning ‘comfort points’, members can progress across three levels respectively, ‘Goodness Explorer’, ‘Goodness Catalyst’ and ‘Goodness Advocate’.

From an emotional perspective, Boody encourages its conscious community to move up to the next tier by pursuing goodness. And from a rational perspective, Boody motivates its community by giving an extra 5% discount and reward for each tier.

Tiers - Boody - Loyalty


To increase customer acquisition and advocacy, Boody also designed a referral strategy that helps members to earn 300 Comfort Points and become an advocate by referring to a friend. By awarding new referees that become members with 50 Comfort Coins, Boody is able to convert guest visitors to Goodness Explorers.

👉 You’ve just launched your loyalty program and in a single month, you increased your customer spend by 25%! What are you most excited about now your loyalty program is live?

“We are very happy with the results so far! Not only has it helped us grow our average spend as you’ve mentioned, but we’ve also seen an uplift in traffic, our database and our social media followings which is really exciting. We are now keen to build on this success and for ‘the Goodness Corner’ to become a key pillar in our brand’s online presence and identity.”

✉️ We’re very happy to hear that. Particularly as a loyalty program can power so many other areas of marketing so effectively. And, what tactics have you used to communicate your loyalty program to your customers?

“To kick off the launch of the Goodness Corner we featured the program on our top homepage banner, sent out a series of EDMs and pushed the program frequently across our social media. We also ran an offer for the first week which allowed customers to gain double points.


We now have entries to the program through both the top and bottom banners of the website, as well as integration in our cart and email flow.”

👉 So what’s next for you? How do you plan to evolve your loyalty program in the future?

“We plan to do more promos such as double points days and product-specific deals. We’re launching an athleisure range next year we’re really excited about so will definitely utilise the Goodness Corner to assist with the launch.

We would also like to use our loyalty program to tailor rewards for our community. For example, at the moment we give coins to customers on their birthdays, but we would love to delve into rewarding coins for things like purchase anniversaries etc. The sky’s the limit!”

We totally agree with Shaun! A team with a great vision brings real results, and we are happy to work together with Boody in this journey!


If you want to learn more about customer loyalty and how to get the ball rolling, book in a call with a member of our team.

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