36 customer loyalty program statistics: Part 2 – what you need to know about points and rewards

Welcome to the second part of our collection of customer loyalty program statistics that look at all the known and unknowns around points and rewards. If you missed our first post which covered customer retention and lifetime value, then just click here to revisit part one.

  • 78% of consumers prefer to access rewards and incentives online and want them immediately (Virtual Incentives)
  • 69% of consumers say their choice of retailer is influenced by the ability to earn customer loyalty and reward points (Invesp)
  • 86% of consumers are more loyal to the brands where they participate in rewards programs (Citi Group)
  • Customers who redeem points from a loyalty program have a total spend that is 2.5 times that of a non-member and 1.5 times that of a member who doesn’t use rewards (LoyaltyLion)
  • Instant gratification and the ability to earn rewards immediately rather than after a purchase can increase basket sizes by 36% (LoyaltyLion)
  • 75% of consumers want to be rewarded for engagement beyond purchase (HelloWorld)
  • 44% of consumers want personalised rewards based on their purchase history (Deloitte)
  • 81% of millennials favour loyalty programs that do more than offer rewards for purchase (HelloWorld)
  • 86% of brand loyalty programs lack any rewards for completing a profile (L2)
  • 86% of consumers engage with a brand they are loyal to by recommending it to others (CRM Xchange)
  • 50% of consumers change their behaviour to reach a higher tier within a loyalty program (Invesp)
  • Customers who join a loyalty program and redeem a reward are 68% more likely to purchase a second time than those who don’t join (LoyaltyLion)
  • 56% of shoppers say they changed or abandoned a purchase when they realised their points had expired (Code Broker)

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