How MoxieLash tripled repeat purchase rates and increased customer engagement by 700% with LoyaltyLion

higher repeat purchase rate from loyalty program members (first to second purchase)
higher average spend from loyalty program members than non-members
higher average number of orders from loyalty program members than non-members

Challenges and goals

Research shows that 90% of ecommerce start-ups fail within the first 120 days. One of the key reasons for this is competition. Stores that are seen as innovative and attract a lot of customers when they launch soon find that copycats emerge and start to take market share, either through price, better online presence, or better customer engagement.

On launching, MoxieLash created a lot of buzz within the market, but they soon realised that they had to continue to innovate to keep pace with competitors. They knew attracting customers was only half the battle, and they needed to retain these customers by making them loyal to MoxieLash so they become repeat purchasers.

With this in mind, they tasked Kinga Dow with researching and recommending the best loyalty partner that complimented their business – a newly established start-up with big ambitions to grow their market presence.

A scalable loyalty solution

Having researched and interviewed various loyalty platforms, Kinga Dow narrowed it down to two choices: LoyaltyLion and Yotpo. Ultimately, MoxieLash selected LoyaltyLion as their preferred loyalty partner because of:

  • Platform scalability and flexibility that suited the needs of a growing ecommerce store
  • Best-in-class integrations including Klaviyo for MoxieLash’s marketing automation needs
  • Deep functionality support for Shopify Plus
  • High levels of customization platform that was quick and easy to implement
  • Excellent customer service with one to one support

MoxieLash worked with Kinga Dow and LoyaltyLion to build an innovative loyalty program that includes:

  • An integrated, on-brand loyalty program page with explainer and dedicated URL
  • Program tiers to gamify the loyalty experience and entice customers to purchase often to unlock tier-specific benefits
  • Loyalty emails personalized with loyalty data via integration with Klaviyo
  • Advanced features for Shopify Plus checkout such as Points Slider
  • A referral program customized with their branding

Implementation and onboarding

Together with LoyaltyLion’s Senior Onboarding Manager, Kinga Dow and MoxieLash agreed on the structure and functionality of their loyalty and created an email marketing strategy to match.

The Senior Onboarding Manager also trained Kinga Dow and MoxieLash on the management of the loyalty program so they could easily make changes and updates on an ongoing basis.

Regular automated email communication with customers was key to the success of their loyalty program. Loyalty emails were populated with 12 loyalty data points, such as points earned, unique referral URL, and rewards available. These are sent out to customers on a regular basis and in particular with a focus on two segments: loyal customers and unengaged non-loyal customers.

The strategy was so successful that it was selected as the winner of “Best use of emails” in the LoyaltyLion Hall of Fame 2020.

Once the program was live, MoxieLash was assigned a Customer Success Manager to help optimize their loyalty program.

Our success and continuous optimization

Using LoyaltyLion in conjunction with Klaviyo, has allowed MoxieLash to run and maintain a successful email strategy that drives customer retention and increases customer lifetime value.

In just 12 months, MoxieLash’s loyalty program delivered:

  • 1.5x higher average number of orders from loyalty program members than non-members
  • 1.5x higher average spend from loyalty program members than non-members
  • A 3x higher repeat purchase rate from loyalty program members (first to second purchase)

Over time, MoxieLash has continued to work with their Customer Success Manager and Kinga Dow to optimize their approach. A review of the email marketing program led to MoxieLash switching their loyalty emails from adhoc to weekly campaigns. This boosted the completion of loyalty activities from an average of 21,000, from October 2020 to January 2021, to a peak average of 160,000 completed activities between April and June 2020.

They are also among the first stores to implement the latest features within LoyaltyLion’s market-leading integration with Klaviyo, which have allowed them to set up the following new triggered email flows:

  • Welcome introduction to Moxie Insider Club
  • Post-Purchase emails tailored to members and non-members
  • Tier upgrade or downgrade notifications
  • Monthly Reward reminders
  • Rewards and points for a Birthday event

Additional optimizations that were also implemented include multi-linking two ecommerce sites.

LoyaltyLion’s services really set them apart from other loyalty providers. We had expert help and guidance every step of the way, from implementation and onboarding to one-to-one customer support, and continuous optimization of our program with our dedicated Customer Success Manager.
CEO at MoxieLash