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Improve the lifetime value of your customers

Loyalty program members purchase more frequently than non-members. Use LoyaltyLion to create VIP experiences that motivate customers to come back and spend more regularly


The #1 loyalty platform on G2, increasing repeat purchases for brands for over 10 years

Increase the lifetime value of repeat customers with LoyaltyLion

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Increase purchase frequency with loyalty program tiers

Loyal customers are motivated by recognition, and a feeling that they’re working towards a reward. Creating an exclusive brand community that allows members to move towards VIP status will unlock more purchases, and encourage more spend per transaction.

Build aspirational loyalty tiers that allow your customers to unlock bigger and better rewards as they engage and spend more.

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Reduce time between purchases with personalized messages

Shoppers respond better to personalized marketing messages. Engaging your shoppers with individual loyalty updates and content keeps your brand front of mind in between purchases.

Send personalized loyalty messages such as reward available reminders and points statements. Integrate your loyalty data with your ESP or SMS platform to improve the performance of your marketing messages.

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Increase AOV with points promotions

Loyal customers are receptive to hearing about and trying new products from their favorite brands. Personalized points promotions introduce customers to new and higher value products, motivating them to increase their basket size.

Apply bonus points to specific products or categories to encourage shoppers to add more to their baskets.

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Boost engagement with an integrated loyalty program

The best loyalty programs are clearly communicated and easy to use. Displaying your loyalty program clearly across your website will increase engagement.

Create a unique loyalty program page where members can see and interact with their points balance, redeem their available rewards and find more opportunities to earn.

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