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Deliver a unique loyalty experience through different levels of configuration and customization

59% of Millennials will go to Amazon first when online shopping. It’s no surprise then that the retail giant is one of your biggest competitors. 

Sustaining growth and still protecting your bottom line is becoming more and more difficult to achieve. According to Demand Jump, the median cost per customer acquired for the ecommerce industry is around $45.27. This will only increase as ecommerce continues to boom, bringing with it more competition trying to convert new shoppers.

Customer retention is the quickest and most cost-effective way to increase sales. It costs seven times less to retain an existing customer than it does to acquire a new one. On top of that, loyalty program members for stores who use our platform have up to a 40% higher annual average spend than non-loyalty members. Redeeming loyalty members, in particular, have up to a 164% higher annual average spend than non-loyalty members. 

LoyaltyLion is leading the charge in helping merchants bring customers back to the store more often and keep their competitive edge. We’re the most flexible loyalty platform on the market because merchants can customize their loyalty program in stages to drive personalised and meaningful interactions with their customers.

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We’re going to take you through each of those stages and show you examples of our limitless customization in practice.

Out of the box configuration

Using an array of in-built features you can quickly build and customize your loyalty program without development or outsourcing to third parties. With this, you can:

  • Choose a selection of default activities – we’re loyalty specialists and have worked with merchants for many years. Through our experiences, we’ve come up with a list of activities you can reward customers as a one-off or on-going for:
  1. A follow on Instagram
  2. A follow on Twitter
  3. A like on Facebook
  4. Newsletter signup
  5. Birthday event
  6. Making a purchase
  7. Leaving a review
  8. Purchasing from a specific collection 
  9. Creating an account
  10. Refer a friend
  11. Visiting a webpage e.g. new collection

Loyalty Widget – customize your loyalty widget to match your brand identity by choosing theme colors and tailoring your welcome and sign up message. The widget can also notify visitors who are on site with a tailored message.

Earth Wise
Earth Wise
  • Loyalty Page Editor – create a loyalty page to give your loyalty program exposure on your site and encourage more engagement  by making it part of your natural store journey. This tool allows you to instantly create a loyalty page where you can customize the name of your loyalty program, the location of the page on your site, choose theme colours that match your brand identity and make the page visible when you are ready to launch.
  • Integrated Loyalty Page – once you’ve created your loyalty page, you can integrate it into your store and customer experience with a unique URL of your loyalty page. Put your loyalty program front of your customers’ minds and easily hyperlink the URL in your marketing activities – like your email marketing and social media posts.
Josie Moran
Josie Moran
Kaged Muscle
Kaged Muscle

Amplify your brand values with customization

Now you’ve built a loyalty page, time to set up activities that matter to you and your customers. Luckily it’s super easy to customize your loyalty program to reflect your brand values that have helped you carve a niche in the market and attracted so many customers.

  • Custom rewards/activities – our platform has a good number of rules/activities you turn on by default so customers can earn points and rewards straight away (referenced earlier on in this post). But, to create a loyalty program that represents your brand values and ethos, create your own rules/activities for earning points and rewards. Edgard & Cooper let their customers trade in their points to make a donation to a dog shelter. See more about how Edgard & Cooper have customized their loyalty program here.
Edgard And Cooper
Edgard And Cooper

Custom rules require integration with LoyaltyLion’s API so will involve development work, so please make sure you have the expertise to support this. We have over 200+ ecommerce agency partners that we can recommend to you as well.

  • Tiers – gamify your loyalty experience by enabling tiers and make them part of your brand. You can create up to four customizable tiers for your loyalty program with each tier providing bonus points for activities and exclusive rewards that can only be claimed when a customer reaches that tier.
Never Fully Dressed Tiers
Never Fully Dressed Tiers
  • Conditional Tiers – are standard tiers not good enough? Make subscribers and VIP customers feel extra special and turn them into advocates for your store by creating unique tiers just for them. For example, Mirenesse has a VIP tier where to get access to this tier, customers can pay $10 per month to unlock tier-specific benefits and bonuses.

Loyalty-first customization

You have a loyalty program that reflects your brand identity and ethos. Let’s take it up a level and truly make it part of your customer and store experience.

  • Integrated Loyalty Program – make your loyalty program a natural part of your store experience and customer journey. Integrating the program by using our SDK components to make it on-brand and give it it’s own unique URL to be used within your marketing activities.  
  • Embedded Loyalty Panel – Embedding a loyalty panel onto your website makes it a seamless part of your store and delivers a better customer experience.
Customized Panel
Customized Panel
Sleep Society
Sleep Society

Check out our Pinterest for more examples of Integrated Loyalty Programs.

This is a whistle-stop tour of the different levels you can customize your loyalty program to deliver a unique loyalty experience. Contact one of our loyalty experts today and see the features live in action.

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Thuan Bui

Thuan is a Product Marketing Manager at LoyaltyLion. He has worked for global brands leading and executing product management, product marketing, service marketing and portfolio marketing strategies across both B2B and B2C markets. At LoyaltyLion, Thuan manages our product marketing strategy, to make sure our readers are kept informed and learn to get the best out of our new and existing platform capabilities.

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