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Power your social proof and retention strategy with LoyaltyLion and Okendo

An exclusive offer for new LoyaltyLion and Okendo customers

As best-in-class partners, LoyaltyLion and Okendo are working together to help you integrate and add power to your loyalty and reviews platform from the get go. 

When purchasing both technologies together, unlock an exclusive offer. New customers will receive a 20% discount on a 12 month LoyaltyLion plan, and the first two months of Okendo for free. Please see full terms and conditions of this offer at the bottom of the page.

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Why LoyaltyLion and Okendo are better together

Our best-in-class integration lets you incentivize customers to post reviews and UGC, turning your existing customers into a highly engaged acquisition channel.

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See how Amora Coffee used their best-in-class tech stack to stand out from the competition

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Amora Coffee only sell online because customers can taste the difference when freshly roasted beans are delivered to their doors. However, one caveat of not selling in stores is that growing Amora’s brand presence entirely depends on online methods and word-of-mouth marketing.

This necessity made customer reviews integral to Amora’s strategy because shoppers are more inclined to trust fellow consumers than brand marketers.

Amora Coffee didn’t want to end at customer testimonials, though. The company wanted a way to fully leverage the efficacy of customer-led marketing, which meant it needed something that marks the status of any reputable brand: a LoyaltyLion rewards program.

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This made reviews and loyalty integral to Amora’s strategy, as customers are more inclined to trust fellow shoppers.

Amora Coffee wanted a way to fully leverage the efficacy of customer-led marketing. Using Okendo and LoyaltyLion, Amora incentivizes their shoppers to leave more social reviews, and turn existing customers into a highly engaged acquisition channel. 

Amora Coffee has seen a 216% rise in customer AOV and 4.43x increase in conversion rate.

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Offer conditions

*for the first year of contract, terms and conditions apply.

**terms and conditions apply.

To qualify for this offer, merchants must not currently be a customer of either LoyaltyLion or Okendo. In order to be eligible for the best-in-class discount, merchants must purchase both technologies within a sixty day period of one another. 

Okendo and LoyaltyLion withhold the right to cancel this offer at any time and under any condition. 

Discounts are not currently offered to agency partners. If you are an agency partner please reach out directly to your Partnership Manager for more information.