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Elephant Room - Our partnership


Elephant Room is an integrated digital agency, specializing in ecommerce. The company was founded in 2014 with a dynamic team of 30 specialists and a goal to create a seamless blend between technology and marketing to accelerate ecommerce growth.

Based in Australia, Elephant Room helps clients to build online experiences, ecommerce stores and systems that connect clients’ businesses to new audiences and opportunities to tap into their potential and improve the businesses’ growth.

The performance-driven digital agency collaborates with some of Australia’s most exciting brands to help them grow globally digitally. Some of these brands include Boody and Lioness Fashion.

Trusted by merchants worldwide

Elephant Room's team handcrafts online experiences for their customers that leave a lasting digital impact
The company helps clients build and implement integrated applications such as LoyaltyLion and Klaviyo into one system
Elephant Room improves the online user experience and reinvents clients visual identity with a refreshed logo and branding


Elephant Room collaborated with sustainable clothing brand Boody to improve the brand’s ecommerce presence across ten global websites.

The team worked on Boody’s conversion rate optimization and technical execution by implementing a loyalty program with LoyaltyLion.

In a single month, Boody increased its customer spend by 25% from loyalty program members. Boody has also seen an uplift in traffic, database and social media engagement.

Boody’s CEO, Shaun Greenblo, says “we are now keen to build on this success and for ‘the Goodness Corner’ to become a key pillar in our brand’s online presence and identity”.

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