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eHouse Studio - Our partnership


eHouse Studio builds the most powerful, engaging Shopify Plus and subscription ecommerce sites. They strive to deliver a strong return on investment by increasing sales, building strong brand identities across channels, and boosting brands’ competitive edge.

Trusted by merchants worldwide

Work with strategic, collaborative and tactical problem-solvers through a unique process
Deep knowledge of ecommerce best practices and Shopify platform and ecosystem
Dedicated to building and keeping strong relationships beyond the ecommerce ecosystem

Ancient Nutrition

eHouse partnered with Ancient Nutrition as their Shopify agency to keep their ecommerce site optimised through user experience design and strategic development as they grow. After they finished working with their site, Ancient Nutrition gained a more intuitive pricing structure interface, a device-appropriate solution, an improved product gallery, and more.

The Goulet Pen Company

With eHouse Studio and Shopify Plus, The Goulet Pen Company was able improve performance, increase flexibility and improve ease of use while at the same time, reducing costs and adding new features for customers. The results included a flexible and uniquely branded site, migration of customer and product data, reduced software stack and a better user experience.

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