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Dey's End Consulting - Our partnership


Dey’s End Consulting is a full-service consulting firm that specializes in a multitude of operational areas. Dey’s End Consulting helps you diagnose issues, develop strategies and execute those strategies as a fully integrated member of your team.

Trusted by merchants worldwide

It's all about leading from the front and engaging your employees - Dey's End has played key roles for their clients
The perfect plan is useless without execution - they drive results as a fully integrated member of your team
From developing critical reports to creating a way forward - Dey's End build custom, actionable game plans

Health Warrior

Dey’s End Consulting led Health Warrior in a migration from a previous loyalty provider (Swell.io) to LoyaltyLion. They are accountable for their integration into Pepsi/FritoLay/Quaker, as part of their acquisition, and for their day-to-day ecommerce execution, across ESP and acquisition platforms.



Dey’s End Consulting worked on Ledbury’s digital marketing and customer analytics, including the launch of a new POS (Shopify POS) across three retail locations. They are helping them scope out a loyalty offering, to be contemplated after the POS has been up and stabilized. And, they are working to identify their most valuable customers, who have purchased on the website.


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