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Bahia Designs is a full-service agency based in Los Angeles, California and Boston, Massachusetts. They have 10 years of experience designing Shopify sites and helping clients increase conversions through their sales funnel. Bahia Designs create beautiful and useable digital experiences for innovative brands using Shopify and Shopify Plus.

Trusted by merchants worldwide

The Bahia Designs team values long-term relationships with their clients
Shopify experts
Expertise in Shopify and Shopify Plus design, development and marketing
"California feel"
The team specializes in working with lifestyle brands with a California feel

P.F.Candle Co.

P. F. Candle Co. called Bahia Designs for their expertise with California lifestyle brands. The L.A. based candles and home fragrance brand launched a new site, but soon realized that it was not user-friendly with small fonts and confusing navigation. They came to Bahia Designs for an overhaul that they wanted to launch along with their new Sunset line. Bahia Designs delivered the new site on time and on budget and P.F. Candle Company saw their sales and engagement sore.

And just in time for their 10 year anniversary, P.F. Candle Company needed a wholesale portal that was as appealing as their retail website. They called on Bahia Designs to create a fun and easy shopping experience for their customers. The solution Bahia Designs created has some unique functionality, including the ability to add products to the cart in specific multiples in order to maximize space in their shipping containers.


Seea, a premium women’s bikini and surf suit brand, outgrew their old shop and came to Bahia Designs to help them re-vamp their site. They had a ton of great content, but needed a better way to show it all off. Bahia Designs consulted with them on the vital aspects of the navigation and on ways to optimize conversion. They customized a new template just in time for the biggest sale of the year–Black Friday.

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