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Every day without a loyalty program is a missed opportunity. Find out how to engage your customers and keep them coming back.

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What is a loyalty program?


Why your store needs a loyalty program

How to build customer loyalty on Shopify Plus

Find out how you can use Shopify Plus together with a loyalty program to boost customer loyalty.

  • Personally engage with customers using Shopify Flow automations and loyalty
  • Reduce cart abandonment by letting customers add rewards to the cart
  • Engage in-person with omnichannel loyalty
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Frequently asked questions

How do I set up a loyalty program on Shopify Plus with LoyaltyLion?

Take the 1st step: Get started by claiming your FREE 30-minute session with a loyalty expert and we’ll recommend the right plan and optimal loyalty strategy for your business goals.

Work with your dedicated onboarding manager
: You’ll be assigned a dedicated onboarding manager to get your loyalty program set up. We’ll help configure the points and rewards structure and define how customers can earn points, such as through purchases, account creation, and social media engagements.

We’ll build your loyalty page: We’ll build you an on-brand loyalty page, following a standard template, where customers can view their points, rewards, and available offers. You have the option to further customize this page using our team or yours.

Integrate and automate: Use LoyaltyLion’s integration options with email marketing, SMS, and helpdesk tools to personalize customer engagement on autopilot.

Test and launch: We help test your program to ensure it operates smoothly. It’s over to you to promote your new loyalty program through your marketing channels to drive customer engagement.

Enroll customers: Your customers are automatically enrolled in your loyalty program when they create an account on your Shopify Plus store. Their account information automatically syncs with LoyaltyLion.

What types of rewards can I offer in my loyalty program?

Depending on your plan, you can offer exciting rewards to your customers, like:

Discount vouchers: Percentage or flat rate discounts on purchases.
Free products: Reward free items for a certain number of accumulating points.
Free shipping: Provide free shipping options for loyalty members.
Exclusive access: Grant access to special sales or early releases for your most important customers.
VIP tiers: Create different levels of loyalty membership based on member spend. Rewards and benefits get more exciting, such as double points days or queue jumping for new products, for bigger spenders.
Impact rewards: integrate your loyalty program with a platform like Verdn to offer social impact rewards like ocean plastic cleanup, tree planting and coral planting.

For more ideas, check out LoyaltyLion’s Loyalty and Rewards page.

Can I customize my loyalty program to fit my brand?

Yes, LoyaltyLion allows extensive customization to fit your brand’s identity:

Branded loyalty page built for you: We’ll build you a loyalty page using a standard template that aligns with your brand’s look and feel. You have the option for further customization by our team or yours.

Custom rules and rewards: Define custom rules for how customers earn and redeem points. Custom rules may require integration with LoyaltyLion’s API. Read more about creating custom rules.

Integrated experience: Depending on your plan, you can seamlessly integrate the loyalty program across your Shopify store, product pages, and checkout process to ensure a cohesive customer experience.

Personalized communications: Use integrations with email and SMS tools to send personalized messages and reward notifications.

Enhance customer loyalty with Shopify Plus and a loyalty program

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