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InsCoder Limited - Our partnership


InsCoder Limited is an agency based in Hong Kong who focus on designing and developing profitable ecommerce websites for Shopify and Shopify Plus brands.

Trusted by merchants worldwide

Based in Hong Kong, InsCoder is a leading agency in the Chinese ecommerce market
Working solely with Shopify brands makes them experts at creating stores on the platform
From set-up, to design and build, all the way to maintenance, InsCoder is with you all the way


Glamourbox came to life in November 2012 and launched the first premium beauty subscription service in the Philippines. InsCoder assisted to bring Glamourbox onboard to Shopify and LoyaltyLion with a goal to deliver a much-improved buying experience for their customers.


Created by New York-based jewellery design Seohee, S/H KOH fine jewellery is made with 20th-century modernist inspiration. InsCoder worked with them to create a bespoke ecommerce site with playful shapes and fun colours.

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