Loyalty promotion planner 2023

Get ahead on all your 2023 loyalty promotions with our year-view promotion planner.

Loyalty is always in season! Planning and diarising your loyalty promotions in advance helps you to sync up with the rest of the wider marketing activity and gives you some breathing space to be as creative and impactful as possible with your promotional campaigns. 

Loyalty Promotion Planner 2023

We’ve designed this calendar as a tool for you to connect with your customers at the very best moments. Utilize it by identifying which events resonate most with your brand and pick these days of the year to drop loyalty points promotions. 

Are you ready to align your loyalty promotions to the causes, celebrations, and calendar events that your customers really care about? Then access the loyalty planner here!

Struggling for inspiration?

Get our planner for the loyalty campaigns you could run around the events in the year. But remember to create campaigns that work for your store and your customers.