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Ometria loyalty program software integration

Why LoyaltyLion and Ometria?

Ometria is a customer marketing platform that lets retailers send personalized marketing messages throughout the customer journey, replacing and upgrading their ESP. Built specifically for retailers, Ometria’s platform aggregates data from all customer touch points in real-time. Using Ometria and LoyaltyLion together you can use data and insight to deliver intelligent emails and marketing experiences that will create loyal, engaged customers who return to shop again and again.

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Incorporate up-to-date loyalty information to deliver personalized experiences

80% of customers are more likely to do business with companies that offer personalized experiences. Ometria and LoyaltyLion’s integration passes real-time customer information between platforms, allowing you to deliver truly personalized experiences. Incorporate up to date loyalty information such as points balances and available rewards into customer emails and other marketing activities. Target customer groups based on loyalty information, identifying and engaging with your most valuable customers, or spotting those who are at risk and need winning back.

Surprise and delight valuable customers to encourage repeat purchase

Use data and information from LoyaltyLion to prompt actions in Ometria that will surprise and delight your customers, ensuring they return to purchase again. For example, inform customers when they are close to their next reward, or when they have qualified to move up a loyalty program tier. This will encourage them to return to the store to complete an activity and repeat purchase in order to use available benefits and rewards.

Encourage customer advocacy to acquire customers more cost-effectively

Encourage your most valuable customers to act as advocates by incorporating unique referral URLs into emails. Incentivize customers to refer friends or family members to your store, allowing them to unlock additional points and rewards while helping you to acquire better quality site traffic that is more likely to convert.

Ometria and LoyaltyLion
Loyalty program software integration

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