LoyaltyLion live in BigCommerce Marketplace

LoyaltyLion is thrilled to announce our app is now live in the BigCommerce Marketplace so we can offer even more value to merchants using one of the most popular ecommerce platforms. By using LoyaltyLion, BigCommerce merchants can create their very own loyalty program in a matter of minutes. Customers will earn points for over 11 store activities including signups and purchases. Points can then be redeemed for rewards to use at your store, which encourages long term loyalty, engagement and and increased revenue.

There are plenty of amazing features and benefits for BigCommerce merchants looking for practical and effective ways of boosting customer engagement. Learn more about the LoyaltyLion app and how a loyalty program can help grow your ecommerce store.

Gain valuable customer insights

With our analytics dashboard providing an overview of members in your loyalty program, stores can identify their most loyal customers, those at risk and those who need winning back:

  • Use this valuable data to focus your marketing efforts with more targeted campaigns to appeal to different customers.
  • Flag customers who may be at risk of disengaging with the program or may need to be reintroduced to your brand.
  • Monitor how your program is performing and use our suggestions to optimise it and make it a success.


Increase revenue from existing customers

Statistics continue to indicate that customer acquisition is more costly than retention, so engage and retain your existing customers by awarding points for any activity performed on your online store:

  • Drive sales by notifying customers when a reward becomes available, encouraging return visits to redeem. Stores can typically see a 15-20% increase in repeat purchases this way.
  • Customers can be rewarded for more than just purchases; increase value by rewarding anything from signups, social media follows, account creation and plenty more.
  • With customer reviews driving big conversions for ecommerce stores, LoyaltyLion integrates with leading review apps enabling merchants to reward customers for leaving reviews.

Advanced features for high volume merchants

If your ecommerce store is processing over 800 orders each month, you will benefit from our premium features allowing you to get the very best from your BigCommerce store:

  • Create VIP tiers e.g. bronze, silver and gold to reward your best customers and motivate them to spend more.
  • Customise your loyalty dashboard by changing the text, colours, fonts and images to reflect your store’s branding.
  • Send fully customisable email notifications using our integration with major email marketing software and automatically email customers when they earn enough points for a reward and increase repeat purchases and conversions.

If you are a high volume merchant doing more than 800 orders a month and would like to talk with our loyalty consultants about how we can help increase revenue, please book a free demo.

If you would like to help us continually improve the app for other merchants, please share your feedback by leaving a review after completing a free trial on the BigCommerce Marketplace.