LoyaltyLion launches Mailchimp Integration

With email marketing such a vital ingredient to the success of ecommerce stores, LoyaltyLion is launching an integration with one of the world’s leading email software, Mailchimp. Our much anticipated integration has lot of fantastic features and benefits that will enable merchants to effectively boost customer loyalty and engagement using emails and subsequently increase traffic and sales.

Segment your customers

Our new integration allows merchants to create customer segments without having to import the data manually, for more targeted email campaigns. This means merchants can send special mailers to particular customers on anything from points balance to complimentary gifts for those who have accumulated the most points.

For example, you may want to create a segment for customers who have accumulated hundreds of points so you can send them a special mailer to thank them and offer a complimentary gift. You can decide how many points these customers must accrue when you create the segment, it could be greater than 350, 500 or 750 – the choice is up to you.


Customise newsletters

By selecting the relevant data to push, merchants can send standard or customised mailers to all customers or particular customer segments. The referral URL option for example, builds on the popular refer a friend function in a customer’s loyalty dashboard and allows merchants to send their customers a referral link mailer and prompt them to share with friends. If you want to send promotional mailers, our integration is completely white label so you can use your store’s branding to ensure consistency and strong brand identity.

The new integration has already been implemented by stores like 100% Pure, Damn Good Yarn and True Vintage. We will of course share a case study of how stores are using the integration soon but in the meantime please contact us to book a demo and learn more about how the new feature can improve customer engagement for your store.