Loyalty is coming to town: how to make the most of your loyalty program this Christmas


The Christmas lights have gone up, and people all over the world are preparing themselves for the holiday season. Yes, December is a time for giving and there’s no better time for launching a loyalty program or highlighting your current program’s benefits than Christmas.

To make the most of this season take a look at the following points:

  • Encourage December repeat purchases
  • Invest in the New Year
  • Points for friends and family
  • Be useful
  • Let the points snow, let them snow, let them snow
  • Promote your program


Encourage December repeat purchases


Offering excellent reward points will galvanize early shoppers to make last-minute repeat purchases for gifts at your store if they know they will earn even more points for the pleasure. Giving points early in the month will not only give your loyal customers an incentive to buy products from your store, but it will also encourage new sign-ups to the program.


Invest in the New Year


Of course, encouraging and securing new sign-ups are paramount to a solid end-of-year loyalty strategy, as this will have benefits throughout the coming months, and onward into the new year. If you provide your shoppers with a good experience, and enough rewards, you can expect continued interactions. Make sure your loyalty program allows you to do just this; give instant rewards on sign-ups, turning your casual customers into loyal, regular ones.


Points for friends and family


Rewards in exchange for referring friends and family is a smart move, especially in the season of giving. Not only will it engender loyalty with your current customers that signed up to the program, but research shows that millennials are extremely influenced by purchase advice from those they trust, and with mutually beneficial points gained through the refer-a-friend feature, you will be able to promote this advantageous sign-up, and grow your loyalty roster in 2016.


Be useful


Christmas is stressful for many shoppers, so if you are launching rewards this season, be smart, but also be useful. Offer rewards like an upgrade in shipping, or gratis gift-wrapping. The easier you make it for your customers to shop with you, and claim their points, the more likely they’re going to keep using your service.


Let the points snow, let them snow, let them snow


Let your loyalty program do the leg work; instead of huge giveaways, or discount drives on premium items, giving out double points over the holiday season, and extra points for visiting your site will mean that you will still be able to make a maximum return in the biggest shopping season of the year, and reward your shoppers. This will also help you with the January slump; if your customers have a ton of points to cash in after Christmas, they can spend it in the New Year. Perfect for a post-festivities pick-me-up.


Promote your program


It’s not going to do you any good if you don’t spend enough on marketing to make your customers aware that you have a loyalty program. Use Google Ads, highlight the refer-a-friend feature, make it known that you will give rewards for new sign-ups, and send out a festive reminder to your current customers that December 25th is fast approaching and they still have points to cash in on.

Don’t miss out on the Christmas season to create some excellent goodwill between you and your customer base, utilize all that your loyalty program can offer you as a business, and your awaiting crowd of ea, Joeger holiday shoppers.


For more information, please talk to our team, and we can give advice on what you can do to take advantage of this year’s seasonal spikes.


Images by liz westJamie McCaffreyGotCredit, Caroline, Joe and Joe The Goat Farmer used under the Creative Commons license. 

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