Introducing LoyaltyLion’s new SDK – behind the scenes with CTO, Dave Clark

It’s been an exciting year for LoyaltyLion so far! We’ve significantly grown our team, launched our LoyaltyLion Academy, integrated with even more great partners and been nominated for a Loyalty Magazine award. Most importantly however, in the background we’ve completely re-written our Software Development Kit.

What does our new SDK mean for our merchants and partners?

  • Greater flexibility
  • More customization
  • Speed and efficiency
  • Easier development
  • Improved customer experience

We spoke to our CTO, Dave Clark, to find out why the new SDK is so exciting.


Dave, you and your team have been building on LoyaltyLion’s functionality since the solution was launched. Why was it time for an upgrade?

When we first started building LoyaltyLion we were testing everything as we discovered what was important to our merchants. Over time and with a few inevitable changes of direction, we ended up with a very clear idea of what we wanted LoyaltyLion to be but we couldn’t have gotten there without some technical legacy and debt.

Today, LoyaltyLion has a clear vision and road map and as far as we could see, we had two choices – either continue on with our existing SDK, or re-architect completely with a more modern framework that would make it a lot easier to build the things our merchants want going forwards. It was no small endeavour but an easy decision!

How did you prepare to build the new SDK?

Before we started building the SDK we emailed agencies and developers to ask them what they wanted. Our goal was to create the best developer experience. After all, the faster a developer can customize a loyalty program the quicker it can be launched.

The feedback was phenomenal so a big thank you to all our partners. One thing was clear: the development community finds most software companies challenging to work with.

And what do you think is the most exciting thing about the new SDK?

Our new SDK will pay the greatest dividends in future as we continue to develop, but things should already be feeling quicker and easier to customize.

The key thing is greater efficiency. Now you can customize LoyaltyLion programs as part of your store’s main theme, so there’s no need to use our inbuilt editor. You can also build reusable stylesheet templates to speed up future development, and keep your branding completely consistent with automatically inherited stylesheets.


You also now have far more opportunities to customize your program, with individual UI components that allow you to improve user experience, for example by showing available rewards on product pages, or adding referral components to post-purchase pages. You can start from a blank slate by disabling our default styles, or you can build your own custom interface using our new JavaScript API.


We know that one of the biggest challenges for merchants and agencies is time and technical expertise. That’s why we’re going to focus on building extensions that non-techy people and agencies can use to modify things without having to ask for help. That means more drag and drop. It also means using our new modular component-based system to create pre-built templates and themes that merchants can pick during setup and modify later if required.

I’m really excited about where we can take our new SDK. We’ll continue to build in our unique way, focusing on the bigger picture functionality that delivers best practice loyalty for the largest retailers, but building it in a way that makes it just as accessible for smaller, fast-growing stores.

Where can we find out more about LoyaltyLion’s new SDK?

We’ve actually just launched a new developer portal which has interactive previews and other bits to help you plan and implement your program on the new SDK. You can access the portal here.

And is there anything else on the technical side that you’re particularly excited about at the moment?

There’s always something! Right now, it’s definitely our work on connectors for Shopify Flow. We’re working with the Shopify Plus team as part of their beta programme, and we’re the first loyalty solution to be pre-installed into Shopify Flow which is hugely exciting. With our integration, merchants will be able to experiment with thousands of unique combinations of triggers, conditions and actions developed just for Shopify Flow. 

Contact us to find out more about our new SDK.

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