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Introducing Campaigns – LoyaltyLion’s latest and most innovative feature

It’s a particularly exciting end to the first quarter for LoyaltyLion, as we announce the launch of our Campaigns area. This is an innovative development which will give merchants the ability to use their loyalty programs to run more effective marketing experiments, and implement A/B testing to review and optimise results over time.

We caught up with LoyaltyLion CEO, Charlie Casey to find out a bit more.

Charlie, can you give us a high-level overview of what Campaigns is?

We know ecommerce marketers have a million and one tasks demanding their attention so we want to help them understand which activities generate the biggest ROI.

Campaigns is a new area within our platform, which will allow merchants to run time-limited experiments, and A/B test different scenarios. Through experimentation, marketers will learn how to influence customer behaviour and where to focus to generate the greatest ROI.

Can you give us an example of how that might look in practice?

Absolutely – the first campaign that we’ve rolled out is our ‘AOV bonus points campaign’ which is designed to help you increase the average spend of a customer. It displays a notification to customers, explaining that if they spend over your average order value, they will earn bonus points. You get to experiment with the amount of bonus points offered and use A/B testing to see which amount has the greatest impact, allowing you to optimise over time. You’ll also be able to select specific date ranges for each individual campaign and run like-for-like experiments.


How does this fit into LoyaltyLion’s product vision?

We talk to hundreds of merchants every day, and there’s a strong recurring theme which comes up in all our conversations. That theme is time. There isn’t enough of it, and it’s too difficult to know how much of it to focus on different areas.

Our product vision is to make ecommerce marketers successful and we will do that by freeing them from the mundane so they can focus on the creative high impact activities.

Campaigns is phase one in that vision. Using campaigns marketers will be able to implement their creative ideas, experiment and learn what works.

We believe that Campaigns can really make a difference to our customers, helping them not just to run more effective and engaging loyalty programs, but also to have more tangible and focused business impact.


And what’s coming down the line for Campaigns?

I wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise, but stay tuned for more ways you’ll be able to use Campaigns to drive revenue and effectiveness at multiple stages of the customer lifecycle. In the meantime, our AOV bonus points campaign is now available to all stores on Advanced and above plans and we’re looking forward to collecting feedback from our users which will inform future campaigns.


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