2022 Q1 Roadmap

See what we are developing this quarter. Each improvement will enhance your customer loyalty experience, keep shoppers returning to your store and drive internal team productivity.

Q1 Roadmap (1)

Upcoming technology integrations

We’re launching best-in-class integrations that drive productivity for your teams, let you automate your loyalty marketing, and enhance your customer loyalty experience.

*Plan availability will be confirmed upon release

Voyage SMS – incentivize your customers to return to your site by creating SMS triggers when rewards and points are redeemable, activities completed, tier upgrades, referral prompts, and much more

Loudcrowd – grow your user-generated content and encourage your customers to post like influencers

Verdn – embed your brand values into your loyalty program and allow your customers to redeem their points for social impact activities and pledges

Shogun – enhance your customers’ shopping and loyalty experience

Q1 Roadmap (2)

Voice of the customer

Product feedback sessions focused on three areas: driving customer re-engagement, reducing your Cost Per Acquisition, and loyalty promotions and campaigns. To join a session, let us know here

The development, release, and timing of any products, features or functionality remains at the sole discretion of LoyaltyLion, and is subject to change.