2021 Q4 Roadmap

See what we are developing this quarter. Each improvement will enhance your customer loyalty experience, keep shoppers returning to your store and drive internal team productivity.

Q4 Integrations

Upcoming technology integrations

We’re launching best-in-class integrations that drive productivity for your teams, let you automate your loyalty marketing, and enhance your customer loyalty experience.

Attentive – incentivize your customers to return to your site by creating SMS triggers when rewards and points are redeemable, activities completed, tier upgrades, referral prompts, and much more.
*Available to Plus plan merchants only

Gorgias – enhance your customer service experience, support triage, and include loyalty data such as customer tier, points approved, and unique referral URL in your responses.
*Available for merchants on Classic plans and above

Tapcart – integrate your loyalty program into your mobile shopping experience. Customers will be able to earn, track and redeem loyalty points and rewards on the go.
*Available for merchants on Classic plans and above

Post Purchase Campaigns Notification

Rewards available campaigns notification

Increase rewards redemption with an on-site notification that shows a logged-in customer the rewards they have available. You’ll also be able to measure the effectiveness of your campaign with A/B testing.

*Campaigns feature is available to Plus plan merchants only

Multiple Points On Collections

Multiple points on collections

Many merchants already use the multiple points on a product rule to bring loyal members back to their site.

We’re making it quicker and easier to run multiple points events by making sure you can apply the rule to an entire collection.

*Available for merchants on Classic plans and above