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Beauty and cosmetics

Farmacy Loyalty Email

Farmacy Beauty

“LoyaltyLion has been instrumental in helping us identify specific strategies to increase the value of our best customers and expand the membership of the program. We have seen a 164% increase in our loyalty base this year alone. With their partnership, we have tailored our loyalty communications to better address customer needs. We are excited to continue to grow our base of loyal customers and drive more enhancements in collaboration with LoyaltyLion.”

-Brittany, Digital Marketing Manager

Fashion and apparel

boody loyaltylion


“We’re so pleased to have worked with LoyaltyLion to create our first-ever rewards program, The Goodness Corner. Not only have we seen an uplift in sales, traffic, social media followers and our database, but the team at LoyaltyLion were easy to work with and provided us with all the support we needed. Highly recommend.”

-Sean, CEO

Food and drink

coombe farm organic and loyaltylion

Coombe Farm Organic

“Working with LoyaltyLion has transformed our approach to loyalty. The platform is simple to use but enables us to better understand purchase behaviour and offer tailored rewards to our customers. It also provides opportunities for promotion such as double points events and personalisation through tailored emails. The result has been a clear increase in customer retention and spend.

– Lizzie, General Manager

Bakedin Tiers


Ever since launching our loyalty program, we have seen a big increase in repeat purchases and customer lifetime value, particularly around our subscription product: the Baking Club. Being able to reward our subscribers with more points and a wider choice of rewards has provided a real incentive for customers to subscribe to our Baking Club that just wasn’t possible before.”

– Anna, Digital Marketing Manager

Health and wellness

Better Plant Sciences

Better Plant Sciences

“Insider Rewards will give our customers the opportunity to collect points to earn free products and also provide access to exclusive promotions. Our objective is to turn customers into repeat and loyal customers, and ultimate advocates of the brand and our products. Customers who are members are more likely to purchase more items than nonmember customers without an account. So offering a wide range of rewards in exchange for brand engagement can pay dividends. Brand engagement activities could include signing up for Urban Juve emails, leaving product reviews, and following Urban Juve on social media platforms.”

– Gabriel, Director of Ecommerce

Other industries

The Chive Rules

Resignation Media & theCHIVE

“LoyaltyLion has proven to be the best loyalty vendor we could have chosen. We have over 40 million visitors a month and LoyaltyLion provided the customization, scale and stability we needed.”

– Alen, CTO



“The Baseballism loyalty program has been a success for our brand. Soon after launching, many of our customers started to actively use the program. We are now pleased to have over 46k members and are eager to find ways to improve to make this loyalty program even better for both Baseballism and our customers.”

– Ben, Retail Operations Manager

Terry's Fabrics Promo

Terry’s Fabrics

“We’ve been using LoyaltyLion for a year now and experienced fantastic results. The initial consultation was extremely helpful and got the ball rolling quickly and effectively. With new features being added all the time, it feels like we’ve barely scratched the surface of what LoyaltyLion is capable of but so far, our customers love it!”

– Richard, Marketing Assistant

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