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Learn how our latest features will help you create a customized loyalty experience, turn your customers loyal and build your community.

Klaviyo Loyalty

Klaviyo loyalty segmentation

Use loyalty segmentation to win back at-risk customers and increase your reward redemption rate. Create targeted campaigns and emails triggers based on the loyalty of your customers.

A loyalty segmentation event will be triggered when a customer moves into a loyalty segment such as “Loyal”, “At-risk” or “Win back”. This event can be used to add customers from each segment into existing campaigns, create new campaigns or send targeted emails to each segment.

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Market-leading Klaviyo integration enhancements

Redeeming customers have 164% higher annual spend than guest shoppers. Put your loyalty program front and center and increase reward redemption by automating.

These can confirm when your customers receive and earn rewards for special events and completing activities such as a Facebook like, Instagram follow, birthday reward, win-back campaigns, and custom activities.

Data Analytics (1)

Data analytics enhancements

Carry out internal audits, analysis and reporting of your loyalty program by exporting points data using either our transaction API or as a CSV file format.

Points data will include but is not limited to: number of approved points, number of pending points, types of activity, time stamp of activity, relevant IDs, and email.

Loyalty Page Editor (3)

Expanded Loyalty Page Editor support across platforms

Remove development support by creating and integrating your own loyalty page onto your Magento, BigCommerce platforms, or custom websites.

Optimise marketing campaigns and customer engagements with a trackable URL.

Reduce time to market with an average setup time of up to one hour.

Fraud prevention for referrals

Fraud prevention for referrals

Protect your bottom line and reduce customers abusing your referral program by blocking referrals from IPs that have been detected and recorded previously.

Included for all plans.