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Learn how our latest features will help you create a customized loyalty experience, turn your customers loyal and build your community.

New Ll And Tapcart

LoyaltyLion and Tapcart integration

There are now more ways to integrate your loyalty program into your mobile shopping experience.

Our integration with Tapcart allows you to provide your customers with an excellent on-the-go loyalty experience that increases reward redemption and program engagement.

Customers will be able to earn, track and redeem loyalty points and rewards anywhere, at any time.

Please read our help docs to learn more about the integration.

LoyaltyLion help doc

Tapcart help doc

*Available for merchants on Classic plans and above

New Ll And Gorgias

LoyaltyLion and Gorgias integration

You can now enhance your customer service experience, support triage, and include loyalty data – such as your customers’ tiers, points approved, and their unique referral URLs – in your responses.

Utilize your helpdesk as a customer acquisition channel by using customer data (such as referral URLs) directly from Gorgias’ LoyaltyLion widget.

To help you set up your integration and Gorgias’ LoyaltyLion widget, watch our video guide:

For more information and support please please read our help doc and Gorgias’ help doc or contact the relevant LoyaltyLion and Gorgias support teams.

*Available for merchants on Classic plans and above

New Ll And Attentive (1)

LoyaltyLion and Attentive Integration

You can now personalize and automate your customer marketing activities by using LoyaltyLion data in SMS marketing campaigns and journeys. Plus, you can increase SMS marketing signups by rewarding customers loyalty points for opting in.

To help you set up your integration and SMS marketing campaigns and journeys, we have created a series of short video guides:

For more information and support please read ourhelp doc or contact the relevant LoyaltyLion and Attentive support teams.

*Available for Plus plan merchants only

Klaviyo Loyalty

Klaviyo loyalty segmentation

Use loyalty segmentation to win back at-risk customers and increase your reward redemption rate. Create targeted campaigns and emails triggers based on the loyalty of your customers.

A loyalty segmentation event will be triggered when a customer moves into a loyalty segment such as “Loyal”, “At-risk” or “Win back”. This event can be used to add customers from each segment into existing campaigns, create new campaigns or send targeted emails to each segment.

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Market-leading Klaviyo integration enhancements

Redeeming customers have 164% higher annual spend than guest shoppers. Put your loyalty program front and center and increase reward redemption by automating.

These can confirm when your customers receive and earn rewards for special events and completing activities such as a Facebook like, Instagram follow, birthday reward, win-back campaigns, and custom activities.