Data-driven recommendations to power your loyalty program performance

Take the legwork out of managing your loyalty program with insights and solutions delivered straight to your dashboard

The Recommendations Board uses your data to prioritize loyalty tasks according to the ROI they will deliver.

We know there aren’t enough hours in the day, so think of LoyaltyLion as your full-time loyalty manager, helping you to connect and accelerate your marketing efforts.

Prioritize actions proven to generate revenue

Every recommendation we deliver is designed to help you increase the impact of your loyalty program. According to your loyalty data, we provide a specific recommended action that’s easy to implement and focused on delivering ROI.

For example, LoyaltyLion would alert you to the fact that you’re missing out on revenue because 60% of your orders are below your average order value. We would then recommend an action such as an AOV bonus point campaign, to encourage customers to increase their spend.

Insights And Recommendations

Want to see the Recommendations Board in action?

Base decisions on ecommerce insights and research

Our recommendations are based on the most up-to-date ecommerce insights and research. Our suggestions take into account proven success stories from other users and learnings from LoyaltyLion and third party research. This helps us to give advice that is specific to the size and stage of your business.

Ecommece And Loyalty Data

Focus your time where it matters most

Remove all the time-consuming elements of managing your loyalty program and see recommended actions at a glance within your LoyaltyLion dashboard. Accelerate growth by planning and prioritizing your time with tasks that appear in order of the impact they will have on your ROI.

Prioritising Loyalty Tasks

Want to see the Recommendations Board in action?

With our recommendations board we’re removing the mundane, so you can focus on the magical - making your loyalty program more creative, and more effective.

Charlie Casey, CEO, LoyaltyLion

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