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Webmefy helps ecommerce brands to scale businesses by applying high-quality technology, design, CRO, CXO and additional digital solutions. As experts in Shopify Plus, Webmefy really know how to make the most of this platform to help grow businesses.

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Data-driven to inform strategic decision making focussed on consumers and conversion rate.
Webmefy create marketing strategies focussed on increasing LTV and scalability.
Use scalable digital solutions that unblock new sources of growth for your business.


Webmefy helped fashion brand Siksilk complete a full digital transformation of their main online store. Webmefy completed Siksilk’s migration to Shopify Plus and successfully launched the brand in 12 markets with different languages and currencies.

Webmefy worked with Siksilk to improve retention and customer loyalty by maximizing their use of email marketing and automation marketing. SikSilk is still developing its loyalty program but has seen a 20% increase in average order value (AOV) already.

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The Hoff Brand

Webmefy worked with The Hoff Brand, a fashion and footwear merchant, to optimize its website performance. Webmefy carried out an exhaustive audit to detect what was slowing down the loading time of The Hoff Brand’s online store.

After thorough experimentation and evaluation, Webemfy was able to implement a number of actions to optimize the performance of the website, increasing overall loading time by x8. After this project had been completed, The Hoff Brand saw its conversion rates increase by 150%.

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