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Sounds Good - Our partnership

About Sounds Good

The Shopify Specialist agency for the UK’s most exciting start-ups and fast-growing brands. Certified Shopify Experts since 2016.

Trusted by merchants worldwide

Sounds Good specialize in the expansion and localization of brands
They are solely focussed on Shopify ecommerce websites
Flexible team that understands the needs of your business


Sounds Good helped food alternative shake brand, Mana, manage, support and improve the backend infrastructure of their online operations. They also worked on localizing the checkout experience to the Czech market to improve the conversion rate. After one year of co-operation, Mana saw a 36% increase in online store sales and 20% increase on returning customer rate.

Galleria Armadoro

Sounds Good worked with the jewelry brand, Galleria Armadoro, to give their template an upgrade that resulted in less bugs, more flexibility and fewer development costs. They also developed and maintain a custom app to allow customers to create specific engravings for their products. After one year of cooperation, Galleria Armadoro saw a 38% increase in online store sales and a 42% increase on returning customer rate.

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