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The Polaris – North Star – has been used for centuries to navigate the open seas. With a clear dot on the horizon, it ensures that your ship does not strand and that you continue sailing the right course. Every entrepreneur has that dot on the horizon. By keeping focus on your Polaris, we realize systematic growth for your business through Conversion Optimization and Marketing Automation.

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Polaris Growth believe that growth is a result of working on the right things in the right order
They believe that small improvements each day provide a compound and long lasting effect
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Focus on improving owned marketing channels with conversion optimization and email automation

Wildthings Collectables

Polaris Growth worked intensively with Wildthings Collectables, a jewelry brand selling unique jewelry on Shopify which resulted in improved user experience, conversion rate and customer lifetime value. This was a result of doing conversion optimization, implementing a marketing automation system (Klaviyo) an adding LoyaltyLion.


By implementing a robust marketing automation platform (Klaviyo) with various behavioral triggered email sequences, Polaris Growth increased both sales and the customer lifetime value for high-quality outerwear direct-to-consumer brand, Cortazu.

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