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Parkfield is an ecommerce design, development, and full-service digital marketing agency.  They help brands translate complex data metrics into sophisticated customer experiences that convert.

Trusted by merchants worldwide

The team works overtime to understand your customers, your brand, and your business and bring a new level of business intelligence to your operations
Full team
From business intelligence experts and data engineers through to CRO experts, designers and developers — the team is ready to turn your ecommerce vision into reality
Client first
Parkfield Commerce goes above and beyond - from kickoff call to site launch and beyond, the team has your back every step of the way. When you call, they answer

Kulani Kinis

When affordable swimwear brand, Kulani Kinis, started catching the attention of major retailers it became the victim of its own success. The surge in popularity meant more and more customers were coming directly to the Kulani website, and the outdated store couldn’t deliver the high-quality user experience that the founders wanted to provide. With many Shopify migrations under its belt, Kulani Kinis selected Parkfield Commerce to help them migrate to a new platform.

Since migrating to Shopify, the brand has achieved incredible success. International sales on the new dedicated websites have seen a 60% increase, while site speed has improved by 43%. Conversion rates hover around 4%, with 48% of Kulani customers going on to make repeat purchases.

Read the full case study here.


Swimsuits Direct

Swimsuits Direct was growing very quickly and found themselves at a point where their store on their former platform simply wasn’t checking the right boxes anymore. The brand teamed up with Parkfield Commerce to migrate their large store over to Shopify Plus, giving the store a fresh new look in the process.

So how’s the store performing, now? Since launching, the company’s sales have steadily increased. In the latest reporting period, from 2020–2021, the new Shopify storefront increased sales by more than 112%, with a 165% increase to average order volume in that same time period.

Read the full case study.


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