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Metacake - Our partnership


Metacake’s mission is to help great brands unlock explosive revenue growth. They are a full-service ecommerce growth team with over 25 years of experience growing the revenue of some of the world’s largest and fastest-growing global brands such as Old Spice, P&G, Walmart, Nike, Lenox, Dr. Axe, Tony Robbins & more.

Trusted by merchants worldwide

Using data and analysis, their team create stores that are designed to convert
Their team will help create digital marketing and email campaigns that drive healthy growth
They provide coaching, data analysis and consulting services throughout the process

Dr. Axe

Metacake optimized Dr. Axe’s site to significantly improve the customer’s experience, increasing conversion rate and AOV. This helped drive revenue growth and long term value for their company.

Dr Axe x Metacake

Tony Robbins

In order to fully integrate content and commerce, Metacake used a unique method of embedding Shopify Plus buy buttons within content on the content site. Now when you add something to cart on Tony Robbins, you are linked directly to the Shopify cart. The magic here was that Metacake was also able to pass along all the tracking data necessary to attribute conversions back to content and marketing campaigns. They also integrated the analytics in such a way that you could track the customer’s activities across both platforms.

Tony Robbins x Metacake

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