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Lucid - Our partnership


Lucid is a New Zealand based creative agency specialising in ecommerce strategy, branding, design, and development on the Shopify and Shopify Plus platforms.

Trusted by merchants worldwide

Lucid are a Shopify and Shopify Plus focussed agency and are experts at creating on the platforms
Lucid's process is design led - they focus on creating UX and UI that delivers sites that convert
Works with clients to create ecommerce strategies that takes brands to the next level

Blunt Umbrellas USA

For this project with Blunt Umbrellas, Lucid was able to do a number of somewhat experimental things to push the boundaries of Shopify. It’s a work-in-progress as they implement and test new ideas.


Spacify Store

Spacify Store is a boutique coffee, kombucha, and tea company in Auckland, New Zealand. As part of highlighting what they do and what makes them special, Lucid felt it was important to tell their story and the story behind their products. This lead to this series of beautiful custom illustrations and behind-the-scenes process infographic.

Spacify Store x Lucid

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