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Listrak delivers results for more than 1,000 retailers by providing best-in-class email, SMS, behavioral-based triggers, cross-channel orchestration, predictive analytics, and customer insight solutions that drive customer engagement, revenue and loyalty.  With Listrak, retailers gain more than a technology platform; they gain a long-term, strategic partnership with retail marketing experts who become an extension of their team to help execute growth strategies and exceed their goals.

Trusted by thousands of merchants worldwide

Listrak have a Net Promoter Score of 80 – far outpacing other big-name marketing and tech industry leaders.
Data & Insights
Their custom data exploration tools and report builder will help your marketing team be part of the data team.
Everything they develop is designed to be user-friendly, feature-rich and deliver the best business results.

Le Creuset

Listrak recommended a suite of personalised, customer-centric solutions that increases loyalty and ROI while driving customers back to the website. As an email provider, they were able to provide a more robust email marketing platform, and a support and professional service model that aligns with the growth needs of Le Creuset.

Yon-Ka Paris

Listrak recommended adding supplemental emails with recommended content from Yon-Ka’s blog using its Predictive Content Solution. These weekly messages kept customers engaged, driving traffic to the site. And, even though the messages didn’t feature any products, customers purchased once on the site. These emails delivered twice as much revenue as the product-heavy ones.

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