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Kinga Dow - Our partnership


Kinga Dow specialises in behavioral email marketing with expertise in the Klaviyo platform. As a certified Klaviyo master agency with over 5 years of experience, they build strategic eco-systems around Klaviyo that helps generate additional revenue through deep analytics of customer and client platform data.

Their data-driven strategy creates more revenue-generating channels in real-time and amplifies future campaigns for success.

Trusted by merchants worldwide

Kinga Dow is a very narrow niche-oriented agency and provide excellent service to a specific clientele
A strategy-first focussed business, providing valuable research and planning that will deliver results
Kinga Dow is a boutique-type agency and the dedicated team works closely with brands to optimise their website


Kinga Dow developed an email marketing system and strategy, utilising the LoyaltyLion rewards program, for MoxieLash. By generating strategic weekly email campaigns and automated point reminders to subscribers and non-subscribers, they significantly increased the monthly revenue of the brand.

My Good Luck Charms

By creating a customised weekly email marketing system through the LoyaltyLion rewards program, Kinga Dow built strategic email campaigns for My Good Luck Charms customised to data and the user’s buyer persona. By generating point reminders with built-in stories unique to the brand, they not only significantly built the email list, but they created loyalty, trust, and ultimately—sales.