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D.TAILS - Our partnership


D.TAILS is a Danish ecommerce agency that specialises in holistic solutions for Shopify and Shopify Plus merchants.

Trusted by merchants worldwide

D.TAILS have a complete 360 of all Shopify knowledge to create the best stores on the platform
A team of friendly developers and designers work to deliver stores that meet your business goals
Their team has over 15 years experience of developing and selling on ecommerce stores

Theis Vine

D.TAILS identified that Theis Vine had many returning customers and understood that they could benefit from a loyalty solution. They wanted a solution that would fit their specific set up and be scaleable. D.TAILS helped them with a smooth and quick LoyaltyLion implementation.

Theis Vine x D.TAILS


KopK is in one of the toughest segments of ecommerce. And so, they required a rock-solid solution that would keep customers shopping. D.TAILS set them up on Shopify and with LoyaltyLion and ensured all relevant employees were well educated with the systems.

Kopk x D.TAILS

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