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Colored Byte - Our partnership


Colored Byte helps people build meaningful businesses with Shopify so, together, they can have a positive impact in the world. They are experts in branding, UI and UX Design and implementation for Shopify direct-to-consumer brands. Colored Byte’s mission is to help small Shopify stores grow using design, tech and marketing.

Trusted by thousands of merchants worldwide

Colored Byte uses branding, UI and UX to create ecommerce stores that convert
Use components and features that work with any template, fast and easy
Integrate with LoyaltyLion, Klaviyo, and other tech to empower merchants

Power Plate

Colored Byte worked on Power Plate’s UK website migration from Woocommerce over to Shopify. The aim of this project was to modernize the design without losing any functionality.

Colored Byte not only improved Power Plate’s design but also created a system within Shopify that allowed their team to manage content effectively. The migration was so successful that Colored Byte is now moving the US website, and other international sites, using the same process.

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Cellar Door Plants

When we Colored Byte first talked to Cellar Door Plants, they were taking their homemade Shopify store to the limit. In order to be more competitive and scale, Cellar Door Plants needed a solid brand identity and a new Shopify store to be better equipped for growth.

Colored Byte was able to rebrand their business and build them a newly designed store. Six months after launching the new site, Cellar Plant Door had seen a 56% sales increase and a 40% increase in conversion rate.

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