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C2 Digital - Our partnership


C2 Digital is an award-winning ecommerce and web development agency with locations in Canada and the US. They are Shopify and Shopify Plus experts focused on building beautiful online experiences. C2 Digital takes pride in its high-quality work which is delivered to perfection for clients. The team offers end-to-end support across everything Shopify.

Trusted by merchants worldwide

A decade of Shopify and Shopify plus experience under their belt
The team is fully remote and fully in-house - no freelancers or outsourcing
The C2 Digital team stays positive and and sees their clients as part of the team

Blenders & Bowls

Blenders & Bowls reached out to C2 Digital in need of a complete Shopify redesign. Their current WordPress website was not up to par with the quality of their products. The C2 Digital team successfully migrated the site to Shopify and made sure to enhance and promote Blenders & Bowls’ subscription business model.


Clothing brand IMBŌDHI was in search of a website design team that was going to help take their business to the next level. The C2 Digital team worked closely with IMBŌDHI to redesign their Shopify store and offer customers a smooth and on-brand experience.

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